Published: Fri, December 29, 2017
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

Facebook clarifies it isn't collecting user's Aadhaar data

Facebook clarifies it isn't collecting user's Aadhaar data

Earlier this week, we were the first to report that Facebook India was carrying out an experiment where it prompted random new registrants to enter their names as per their Aadhar Card.

The social networking platform further claimed that the goal, apparently, was to "help new users understand how to sign up to Facebook with their real name and connect with their friends and family". Nandan Nilekani, the architect of Aadhaar and then UIDAI Chairman, himself had stated that the Aadhaar could be used as a tool for identity verification across social media networks back in 2011 at the Aadhaar Developer Track conference.

Only a small percentage of users who access Facebook on mobile are now seeing the prompt. Fortunately, that is not what's happening here.

Facebook is not asking you to link your Aadhaar for creating a new account. It is to be mentioned here that this prompt is now used for a small percentage of users and can only be seen while signing-up via the mobile site by selected users.

The test, which was obviously constrained to Facebook's mobile site, provoked new clients to use "name as per Aadhaar" to make it 'easier for friends to recognise you.' The test has now been finished up, as indicated by Facebook and the organization as of now have no plans to move this test out further. This is an optional prompt which we are testing.

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Facebook, a day after users spotted it prompting them to feed their Aadhaar card names while creating a new account, has cleared the air by giving some more details on it. Because people assume all sorts of things with Aadhaar whether Facebook will use it for data mining and what else will be asked the moment Aadhaar is mentioned. Sometimes when you ask people for a real name, people get confused as to what it means.

Facebook is not asking your Aadhaar number.

Experts highlighted privacy risks of sharing Aadhaar information.

With this, Facebook says that it is planning to curb fake accounts from its website. The reason is that UID is an easy way to verify one's account on Twitter and Facebook.

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