Published: Wed, January 03, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Flight Takes Off In 2018. Lands In 2017

Flight Takes Off In 2018. Lands In 2017

Flightradar24 has shared an image on Social media on Sunday which showed the plane of Hawaiian Airlines taking-off from Auckland, New Zealand, where the year had already changed to 2018 when the plane landed in Honolulu, Hawaii, where 2017 was still going on.

Surprisingly, when it landed in Honolulu, 8 hours later, it was still December 31 2017.

This oddity nearly didn't happen-the flight was scheduled to leave at 11:55 pm on Sunday, and took off ten minutes late.

The anomaly was all too much for some people to cope with. As a result, Hawaii is almost a day behind New Zealand, at the time of the flight.

The passengers are *actual* time travellers though- give their aircraft's speed their watches will run slower relative to those of us not onboard. Out of hundreds on board, a journalist from Washington was the first one to notice the time difference.

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If that's all a bit too much to take in, don't worry - just grab yourself a glass and toast the coming of the new year. Now, because of the presence of Dateline, Honolulu is 23 hours behind Auckland and it was because of this that they travelled in the previous year.

It appears Hawaiian Airlines Flight 446 is quite the expert when it comes to "time travel".

Thanks to the occurrence, the passengers would have celebrated New Year's twice.

Passengers travelling on a Hawaiian Airlines flight on the New Year's Eve ended up celebrating the New Year twice.

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