Published: Tue, January 09, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Cricket teams booked in Kashmir as Pakistan's national anthem played before match

Cricket teams booked in Kashmir as Pakistan's national anthem played before match

As Jammu and Kashmir's four boys arrested as their only fault that they respected Pakistan's national anthem, the four boys who have been arrested are from Bandipora district.

In this viral video, the players of both teams appeared to be taking part in national anthem. This came to the notice of the authorities after a video of the incident went viral. The other team was in whites. A police official said that the accused have been arrested in this case.

The trend of Pakistan's national anthem being played at major sports gatherings emerged across Kashmir following the 2016 political protests.

The 1.45-minute video showed one team in green jerseys like the Pakistani cricket team. The incident took place on January 3. The match was being played between Gondipora and Dardpora Cricket Club. In this case Kashmiri cricketers were detained for wearing the Pakistan Cricket team jersey and singing along with the national anthem.

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At-least 11 Kashmiri cricketers were detained in April previous year in central Kashmir's Ganderbal district after a video clip had surfaced on social media, showing them wearing the Pakistani team's jersey with the neighbouring country's national anthem playing in the background.

The sources from police said they were looking for the organisers of the match who arranged the shooting of the video, reported IANS news agency.

Zulfiqar Azad, SSP Bandipora told Kashmir Wire "We have made arrests in this regard and have counseled the village elders".

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