Published: Wed, January 10, 2018
Finance | By Cynthia Curry

BBC's China editor quits over pay discrimination

BBC's China editor quits over pay discrimination

The BBC review found the broadcaster's gender pay gap was just over 9 per cent - half the national average - and said there was "no systemic gender discrimination". Equal pay is about whether a man and a woman doing the same (or comparable) job earn the same.

"Carrie is one of many women journalists at the BBC who are angry and frustrated that a swifter resolution has not been reached to this scourge of unequal pay at our public service broadcaster".

Neither Gracie or BBC Europe editor Katya Adler appeared on the BBC salary list which made public the salaries of all employees earning more than AU$259,122 a year (£150,000).

In her letter Gracie said she had learned last year that of the four worldwide editors in the past four years at the BBC, two males had earned more than their female counterparts.

Carrie Gracie was forced to sit in silence as the highest paid male presenter on BBC's Today program interviewed another woman about Gracie's own resignation over pay, because of BBC impartiality rules.

Gracie said she learned that two of the BBC's four worldwide editors — both men — made at least 50 percent more than their two female counterparts.

It is the latest wage scandal to hit the United Kingdom broadcaster after it was forced to make public the salaries of all employees earning more than AU$259,122 a year (£150,000).

Several high-profile women seized on the Gracie story to say the problem was much bigger than the BBC and affected the whole of society. Jeremy Bowen, the Middle East editor, was paid between £150,000 and £199,999.

Gracie said in the letter that she had refused a significant pay rise as it still left a big pay disparity between her and male worldwide editors.

When it came to the BBC's News at Ten addressing the story about former China Editor Carrie Gracie quitting her job over pay inequality, it turned out that the corporation couldn't actually secure anyone from the BBC to comment.

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Miss Gracie, who is fluent in Mandarin, said she rejected the £45,000 pay rise as she would not "collude in unlawful pay discrimination".

Aside from the fact that all of this is ridiculous on BBC's part, it's also illegal according to the United Kingdom's Equality Act 2010, which states that "men and women doing equal work must receive equal pay".

In her only comments on the Today programme, Gracie said she hoped she wouldn't be remembered as the woman who complained about money, but as a great journalist and China expert.

"During that time the gender pay gap has reduced, but it has not reduced enough". The BBC offered to raise that to £180,000, however I was not interested in more money, I was interested in equality.

"For BBC women this is not just a matter of one year's salary or two". She also said that she would return to the television newsroom in London "where I expect to be paid equally". Women have to win only two out of three sets to win Grand Slam tournaments, while men have to win three out of five sets.

It said a new requirement for thousands of firms to report on gender pay gaps would "do more to end discrimination" in the workplace. "Let us honour that fearless generation by making this the year we win equal pay", she continued.

An insider said: 'This whole thing about equal pay for equal jobs is really hard because we don't work in a toothpaste factory'.

More than 100 hundred BBC colleagues backed Gracie's stance, with a campaign group BBC Women releasing a statement calling on the broadcaster to "resolve her case without delay".

A BBC spokesman said: "Fairness in pay is vital".

The Twitterverse was quick to point out the irony of the situation.

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