Published: Thu, January 11, 2018
Science | By Dan Gutierrez

Google Unifies Its Payment Platforms, Introduces Google Pay

Google Unifies Its Payment Platforms, Introduces Google Pay

If you have purchased an ebook, entered your payment information in Chrome or purchased something in a store - you know what I am talking about.

Google is amalgamating Android Pay and Google Wallet and re-naming it Google Pay. A report by Arstechnica points out that this is Google's fifth payment brand. This new service is created to automatically retrieve payment details from the Google ecosystem, reducing checkout to a couple of clicks.

This should make making purchases and payments through Google less confusing - if you've saved your payment information on your Google account, you don't have to worry which app to use to access that information, because it's all under Google Pay now. The company will add more websites and stores in the coming weeks. Sites like Airbnb, Fandango and Instacart have already started accepting it. The two payment platforms confuse many users by either offering retail payment services, or else a platform for sending money to known contacts.

"Google has explored various ways of enabling digital payments since 2011 when it first released Google Wallet", he said.

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This all-new Google Pay branding was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 event being held in Las Vegas.

"We look forward to working with Google as they grow this exciting new payment platform".

The combined user base of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and the new Google Pay is expected to exceed 500 million by 2021, Juniper Research predicts.

The impact on you at home: Google Pay may be replacing Android Pay on our phones to streamline the experience, but it doesn't simplify the Android digital payments landscape in the slightest. Instead, Google opted to go a different path by launching Google Tez, an app that now lets you make bill payments.

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