Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

With Bannon gone, we can see Trumpism for what it really is

With Bannon gone, we can see Trumpism for what it really is

Bannon, who recently resigned as chairman of Breitbart News, was named CEO of Donald Trump's presidential campaign in August 2016. Bannon has not previously testified before any of them, or, as far as is known, before special counsel Robert S. Mueller 3rd, who is conducting a separate criminal investigation.

On Wednesday in the same room where Trump met members of his cabinet, the president was ecstatic that TV networks had focused heavy attention on the immigration meeting.

Bannon's testimony before the House panel has been expected since last month, when his name was added to a roster of upcoming interviews. He also has now he has turned against Mr. Bannon, his onetime guru. A person familiar with the matter confirmed the representation but said Burck was advising Bannon only in relation to the House committee interview and his time on the presidential campaign.

He has trashed the book as "fake" and its author, Michael Wolff, as "totally discredited author" and has sought to defend himself as a "very stable genius".

"Fire and Fury" contains serious accusations by Bannon against Donald Trump Jr, son of the US President, and Jared Kushner, his son-in-law, in which he considers of treason and an antipatriotic act the encounter that presumably both organized with Russian officials in 2016.

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Another possible avenue for Mr Bannon already is closed.

"When he was sacked, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind", Trump said in a sizzling statement about Bannon. Under Mr. Bannon, Breitbart had become a vehicle for his own political ambitions, including clashes with the Republican Party establishment and national committee, which he appeared to be targeting for a takeover.

The White House had filed a cease-and-desist order to block the book's release, but publisher ignored the challenge and published the book ahead of its scheduled release date.

The White House fired back at Bannon in a lengthy press release that downplayed his influence in Trump's winning election campaign, marking a vicious public falling out between the president and former high-ranking staffer.

He tried to make up for his Judas-like betrayal with a contrite statement calling Don Jr. a "patriot and a good man".

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