Published: Tue, January 16, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

Thousands Flock to Find Their Fine Arts Doppelganger in an App

Thousands Flock to Find Their Fine Arts Doppelganger in an App

They're using the Google Arts & Culture app, which uses image recognition to scour art collections from more than 1,200 museums, galleries and institutions across the world. While it sounds like the flawless way to plan your next vacation (who doesn't want to see their historical twin IRL), the face match technology definitely needs some work. "Guys, this app is DEAD ON", Kristen Bell captioned her side-by-side matches from the app, which included August Mann's portrait by John Pettie.

Google's Arts and Culture App has raced to the number one spot in the US Apple app store after it's new feature that lets users match their selfies with the famous artwork went viral.

Powered through computer-vision technology, Google has now allowed users to find their fine art doppelganger within a section of their dedicated app.

People love Google's new feature that matches your selfie to a famous painting
Google's new app update allows users to match selfies with artwork

Here are some of the best - for better or worse. Just take a selfie picture and upload it to the app. Google will then match your picture to a painting selected from the art world that it considers looks like you, and it's actually pretty accurate. The app is available for free.

If you're up for a good laugh, we've got the app for you. You're prompted to take a selfie then shown the closest matches, according to Google.

Celebrities are getting in on the action too.

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