Published: Sun, January 28, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Trump will be 'best salesperson' for USA economy at Davos

Trump will be 'best salesperson' for USA economy at Davos

Klaus Schwab couldn't confirm whether Trump will actually attend the WEF event in the Alpine snows on Friday, as scheduled, because of the USA government shutdown. But is also reported that Trump will meet with Rwandan President Paul Kagame, in his capacity of incoming chairman of the African Unionexternal link.

The US President sought to kill off suggestions of a rift with Mrs May sparked by her rebuke over his retweet of videos posted by a United Kingdom far-right group and the cancelled embassy visit.

His Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's latest comments today - that he favored a "weaker dollar" - risked further alienating other nations because it deviates from a long-standing agreement to avoid weakening their currency for a competitive trade advantage. "We want the world to invest in America and create jobs for hardworking Americans", he said.

Earlier, Trump has faced criticism over his policies on anti-immigration in his country.

On Trump's Davos agenda will assuredly be speaking up the booming American economy, specifically the skyrocketing stock market, as well as the need to confront global security threats like ISIS and North Korea.

Mr Trump also insisted Britain and America were "joined at the hip" in their military co-operation, noting: "There's nothing that would happen to you [where] we wouldn't be there to fight for you. I want the winds of cultures of all countries to enter my house with aplomb and go out also".

While keeping silent on Blockchain as part of the country's digital future, May highlighted artificial intelligence as an area in which she hoped the United Kingdom would strengthen its attractiveness for worldwide business post-Brexit.

The sentiment was echoed by Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, who said he respects the desire of political leaders to defend their own citizens, companies and economy.

Apple's HomePod Will Ship With A 2 Meter, User Replaceable Power Cable
The Sonos One launched late a year ago , as a small refresh on the PLAY:1 (which the company is still selling, but at $149 now). Digital Trends also noted that any requests to Siri are encrypted before they reach Apple and not tied to your iCloud account.

Modi, the first Indian prime minister to attend Davos in over 20 years, struck a sombre note in his address, saying globalisation is beginning to lose it's with the rise of populist politics and protectionism in numerous world's key economies.

President has a tough audience for the next two days as he sells "America first" to the assembled global elitists of business and government who demand open borders, unfettered free trade and multilateralism. People were also anxious that their leaders wouldn't be able to solve the challenge of disruptive technological change in a "fair and equitable" way.

When a smiling Trump arrived at the centre, one woman admirer grabbed his autograph but other delegates muttered - out of his earshot - about wanting to pelt him with fruit.

Along with French President Emmanuel Macron, Merkel will provide a counterpoint to Trump's protectionist ideas. After all, Macron and Merkel beat back right-wing candidates to secure election a year ago.

The Pope told world leaders and global executives that they must confront both new and lingering problems and challenges, such as unemployment, poverty, economic and social inequality, and new forms of slavery.

In addresses here this week, all three warned against an inward turn.

Soon after he took office, Trump announced the USA was pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) signed in 2015 by a dozen nations that accounted for 40 percent of the global economy.

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