Published: Thu, February 01, 2018
Science | By Dan Gutierrez

Play as Ryu and Sakura in Monster Hunter

Play as Ryu and Sakura in Monster Hunter

This is great news to hear, as the game is fantastic and strong sales means that we're more likely to see a continuation of this new shift in the future.

The title has racked up massive popularity due to it marking the return of the Monster Hunter franchise to consoles, crossovers with other video games, and overall positive reviews. This according to a report by Famitsu, which suggests Capcom's new game is comparing favourably to the popularity of the old portable entries in the series, and also is helping breathe new life into PS4 sales. Those that pre-ordered the game will be getting some special bonuses like the Origin Set Armor and the Fair Wind Charm. This cluster of items will reportedly be doled out to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players in waves over the next few days. Of course, the entire game is centered around hunting, killing, and sometimes, capturing monsters. How exactly does an aspiring hunter capture a large monster?

Profit in the digital contents department, however, rose 328 percent year-over-year, coming in at ¥6.3 billion (~$57.3 million) for the period.

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The copies were sold on PS4, the actual figure is 1,350,412 million retail copies.

In its first three days on sale, Monster Hunter World shipped 5 million copies, Capcom announced earlier this week.

Anyone who has a Monster Hunter Frontier Z account on one of the doomed consoles will have it moved to the PC.

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