Published: Thu, February 01, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Spanish police stops auto with four tonnes of stolen oranges

Spanish police stops auto with four tonnes of stolen oranges

In a freaky incident, police in Seville, Spain, pulled over two cars filled to the brim with stolen oranges.

The suspects, who were all related, are accused of orange theft, as they did not have the required paperwork to carry such huge quantities of fruit.

Police in Seville, Spain, caught five people with 4,000 kilos of stolen oranges earlier this week.

- Orange you glad you didn't have to help clean up this mess?

The care was stuffed with hundreds of oranges.

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Officers in Seville reportedly became suspicious of the cars and pulled them over after a short case. Pictures of the discovery show oranges all over the place after they opened the doors.

When police searched the area they discovered a van that also happened to be loaded with the citrus fruit.

Once apprehended, local outlets reported, the suspects said they were "coming from very far away and had been stopping and collecting oranges along the way".

Police eventually discovered the oranges were stolen from a warehouse in the nearby town of Carmona. Police also suspected that there was something wrong going on when they noticed that the vehicles were driving too close to each other.

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