Published: Fri, February 02, 2018
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Kevin Rudd suing ABC over home insulation report in Cabinet Files

Kevin Rudd suing ABC over home insulation report in Cabinet Files

The documents were obtained by the Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC).

Dubbing it "The Cabinet files", The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) exposed the controversy on Wednesday (January 31), calling it "one of the biggest breaches of cabinet security in Australian history". Despite the highly classified nature of the secret cabinet files, the ex-government furniture sale was not limited to Australians.

A day after the ABC embarrassed the government by revealing that top-secret government files were found in filing cabinet sold in a discount furniture store, the government's moved to get them back.

They were eventually bought and left unopened until the purchaser used a drill to break off the locks.

Inside, they discovered files that are almost all classified, with some designated "top secret" and others marked "AUSTEO", meaning they were meant to be seen by Australian eyes only.

ABC has not identified the buyer of the cabinets, who removed the locks with a drill and found classified papers spanning nearly a decade and four prime ministers, the most recent being Tony Abbott.

Another document uncovers that the Australian Federal Police lost nearly 400 security files during a five-year period that ended in 2013. It is not clear whether anyone ever investigated where the sensitive files went and where they are now. The files she left in the office contained sensitive intelligence information. One discovery, for example, was that "former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's government had considered denying welfare to people under 30", the BBC reported.

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"And having seen this document, and all other relevant cabinet papers, the royal commission concluded that there was no finding to be made against me, and in fact that while serving as Prime Minister "there was no warning given of the very many problems with the program", he said.

ABC Director of News Gaven Morris said: "We worked with the government to ensure that as quickly and as safely as we could that these documents could be secure, that there was no question of there being any further threat to national security".

"As a former cabinet minister who participated in national security meetings, a senior member of shadow cabinet and a current member of the PJCIS I always take my responsibilities seriously".

Australian Cabinet documents are normally sealed and kept confidential until they are released to the public 20 years later.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott's expenditure review committee often referred to as "razor gang", was also mentioned in the secret cabinet files.

While ABC News has drip-fed some of the leaks over the past few days, it wasn't until now that they confirmed where they were found.

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