Published: Tue, February 06, 2018
Health Care | By Alice Shelton

Flu shots available at county health departments

Flu shots available at county health departments

The Centers for Disease Control say the elderly and children are at the highest risk for influenza so the Eau Claire City-County Health Department recommends parents watch out for symptoms, especially if you have children in daycare.

27, almost 1,200 patients had been hospitalized with confirmed cases of the flu in CT and 52 of them have died.

The health department is located at 3130 Victoria Blvd.

There are currently 17 patients admitted with influenza right now.

The effectiveness of this season's flu shot has been extremely low across Canada, research has shown. But the epidemic is accelerating. There were 76 deaths recorded in Kentucky last flu season.

No region stands out as being hardest hit this season, said Russell, but the majority of the cases appear to involve people aged 65 and older, said Russell.

"We are.hearing from some health care providers that there are spot shortages of some antivirals used to treat the flu and flu tests; however, at this time, there is no nationwide shortage of these products".

People die from the flu every year, but the numbers vary.

The latest numbers from the Middlesex-London Health Unit show that between January 21 and 27, five people died of flu-related complications.

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But, the question remains, is the flu vaccine as effective as years past?

The health unit stresses, though, that the actual number of people infected with the flu is always greater than reported cases, as many who are ill recover at home without the need for medical assessment or testing. "Despite vaccination being a third as effective compared to prior years, and taking two weeks before it is effective, the CDPH website states it is ".

The proportion of outpatient hospital visits for flu-like symptoms was 6.6 percent, which is higher than national baseline of 2.2 percent.

Students are advised by the health center to get the flu vaccination and wash hands often.

The flu shot contains a dead virus.

"Those are three very important things to help reduce the spread of influenza but also other respiratory viruses which are very common during this season as well", he says. It's possible that getting sick with one type of influenza A virus would offer some modest protection against another type of influenza A, but it probably wouldn't give you any protection against the influenza B virus, Schaffner said.

Some steps to prevent the flu include getting vaccinated, staying home if sick, washing hands, staying hydrated, covering up when sneezing or coughing and cleaning recently used items, according to the medical services website.

Viruses like the flu can weaken the immune system, which then makes it easier for those people to catch an infection like pneumonia.

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