Published: Thu, February 08, 2018
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Overwatch Year Of The Dog Event Begins Soon, Adds A New Map

Overwatch Year Of The Dog Event Begins Soon, Adds A New Map

This year's Lunar New Year event, Year of the Dog, is no exception - and if you're an Overwatch player waiting to jump in, you might've already planned to call in "sick" to work on February 8, when the event kicks off. When Overwatch's Year of the Rooster event debuted in 2016, the capture the flag mode used smaller versions of Overwatch's existing maps. It's the Overwatch Year of the Dog, which means a new location to battle on, a new game type to experience, and new cosmetic items to earn.

Will you be taking part in the Overwatch Year of the Dog festivities?

Tet in Seattle Vietnamese Lunar New Year Celebration welcomes the return of spring and chases out evil spirits with the roaring lion dance, firecrackers and traditions from a thousand years of Vietnamese history. Kaplan says the new map will be set in Thailand with one side featuring an ancient temple and the other containing a more modern, "bright and beautiful" aesthetic.

While capture the flag has been seen before, Jeff Kaplan wants to assure fans that improvements will be made. "Picking up the flag is instant, but if you use certain abilities and these abilities are limited to things that either give you invulnerability or give you great mobility, those abilities will drop the flag". Additionally, the competitive season for capture the flag will now last 4 weeks alongside the event rather than 3.

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CTF mode will also undergo some fairly big rule changes. We know that they're not very exciting and they can feel very anticlimactic. Draws are also being eliminated: Instead, if regulation time ends with teams tied, the game will move into a sudden-death overtime. If you manage to place in the top 500 you'll be rewarded with a special spray and player icon. These draws were incredibly tedious and turned many players off from the new game mode.

With some abilities restricted, Blizzard found, presumably through internal testing, this leads to more flag captures overall and games that are generally more "action-packed" and offensive-minded.

Lunar New Year traditions vary across Asia, but all share common themes of family togetherness, good luck in the coming year and good food.

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