Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

YouTube Suspends Ads From Logan Paul Videos After Another Scandal

YouTube Suspends Ads From Logan Paul Videos After Another Scandal

"After careful consideration, we have made a decision to temporarily suspend ads on Logan Paul's YouTube channels", a YouTube spokesperson said in an e-mail statement.

Paul, who became embroiled in global controversy last month for a video filmed in Japan's so-called "suicide forest," drew outcry again this week for tweeting about eating Tide Pods and posting a video where he uses a stun gun on dead rats and takes a fish out of a koi pond and puts it on the ground.

Paul has more than 16 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, and he was on Google Preferred, which sells premium ads for the most popular videos.

YouTube has gone ahead and also suspended Paul's ad revenue stream which is estimated to bring in over a million dollars for the YouTuber each month.

"This is not a decision we made lightly", a YouTube spokesman said in a statement to The Washington Post. The video was met with backlash from animal rights activists, including PETA, which said Paul's behavior was "inexcusable".

Paul's manager and publicist didn't respond to requests for comment on Friday.

Hopefully, Logan Paul is hungry, because after offering to eat a Tide Pod, he may want to eat his words. Following enormous backlash, Paul publicly apologized and pledged to donate $1 million to suicide prevention organizations.

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This is a bigger outcome for Paul than YouTube's first punishment, which simply removed Paul from Google Preferred, the company's top-tier ad group for creators.

According to YouTube, this behavior includes a number of different incidents.

He's returned to the website after taking a break and apologising for a video he posted in December that shocked a lot of people and led to many people criticising him.

The company then suspended Paul's content deals with YouTube's subscription service, YouTube Red.

If Paul continues to violate YouTube's policies, ads could be permanently disabled from his channel, per YouTube's guidelines. Those include shutting off ad support, deleting YouTube Original videos by the creator and barring channels from being able to be recommended or put on its home page.

As with Paul, YouTube makes a point of the fact that none of this will apply to the majority of people who post content on its platform, and these sorts of sanctions will be applied as a last resort and will often not permanent but will last until the creator removes or alters content.

"As you guys know, YouTube cut my adsense in half", he says in the video, before YouTube pulled all his ad revenue, "so I am gonna need you guys to buy all my merch, Marverick merch, of course, so I don't lose my house".

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