Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

DNI Coats Calls National Debt 'Dire Threat' to National Security

DNI Coats Calls National Debt 'Dire Threat' to National Security

Much of the Committee session focused on the topic of Russian meddling in US elections and cyber threats posed by Russian agencies and related organizations, however many Senators at the meeting also expressed concern over China's activities across the globe. The cyberweapons were never delivered.

According to the intelligence community's January 7, 2017, assessment, the order to mess with the Trump-Clinton race came from the very top - and Russian leadership had a clear inclination.

The appearance of Kim Jong Un's sister Kim Yo Jong at the Olympics has led to gushing coverage from some American media outlets, with stories suggesting Pyongyang's delegation is diplomatically outflanking the U.S.

Tuesday's hearing covered considerable ground. Central Intelligence Agency director Mike Pompeo agreed with Coats's remarks, and added that the Central Intelligence Agency stands ready "to identify elements of Russia's information campaign and work with domestic law enforcement to respond", the New York Times.

Asked directly whether he had seen any evidence of political bias at the bureau, he did not hesitate or equivocate: "No", Wray said. I hope people are now seeing & understanding what is going on here.

"This is going to go on", Risch said.

"I encourage our folks not to get too hung up on what I consider to be the noise on TV and social media", Wray said.

Their testimony comes as the intelligence community releases its new worldwide threats assessment, which anticipates "Russia will conduct bolder and more disruptive cyber operations during the next year, most likely using new capabilities" to target the US, its allies, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Ukraine. "The United States is under attack - now".

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Relations between India and Pakistan will remain tense with continued violence on the Line of Control and the "risk of escalation if there is another high-profile terrorist attack in India", according to a new worldwide threat assessment released by the United States intelligence community on Tuesday.

A number of senators expressed concerns that China was seeking to use private companies with ties to its government to obtain sensitive USA technology.

Coats went on to say terrorists have also been taking part in cyber warfare overseas, and mentioned ISIS has been using chemical attacks in Syria.

During the hearing, Rogers and Wray told senators that they had disagreed with Trump's decision to release a controversial memo written by staff for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.). "Several agencies that have equities in this are working together to try to integrate that process". Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied this and Trump has said he believes him.

Two Republicans on the committee, Sens.

Trump's refusal to defend our elections - a blatant instance of disregarding his oath of office - comes in the face of multiple calls to secure our election machinery.

"He hasn't even tweeted a single concern", Warner said.

Senators asked the intelligence chiefs during the hearing whether there was a plan in place to combat more hacking.

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