Published: Wed, February 14, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

Rare opens up about PC specs for upcoming Sea of Thieves release

Rare opens up about PC specs for upcoming Sea of Thieves release

Players have recently discovered that Rare's upcoming pirate adventure game, Sea of Thieves, will be featuring a premium shop where you can shell out real dollars for virtual items. They went on to detail how the game would play on a variety of different set ups, from very basic to the most tricked out of gaming computers.

You won't be able to create and customise your character in Sea of Thieves the same way you would in other games.

"Ultimately, as long as you've got Windows 10, you've got access to Sea of Thieves". Given the fact that Sea of Thieves plays seamlessly across both platforms, we asked Timmins if a VR version of the game would ever be considered.

According to Rare, the game will not feature any loot boxes or any form of microtransactions that will affect player progression.

"The game is perfectly playable at 540p", explained Timmins, which means that PCs with Intel Integrated GPUs (Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 or Intel Iris 540) and 4G of RAM should have a pretty good experience.

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"No loot boxes. No loot crates", Neate confirmed.

"I really, really want to allow us to fire cats and other animals out of cannons". There is also a limited-edition wireless controller for £65, and a bundle with a Sea of Thieves-themed 2TB external hard drive with the exclusive gamepad for £150. It's just the right spirit for what Sea of Thieves is.

Some new reports have surfaced that include Rare executive producer, Joe Neate, and his thoughts on Sea of Thieves and live services.

"So even if you were the only person who had bought a pet, but you had it on board, your crew would be able to enjoy the benefits of a monkey". Of course if you have a beast of a rig running at 4k/60, we've got you covered with the best looking "Great Water", and everything in between! "I joined [Rare] two years ago, and our ambition since then has been to deliver the PC game that PC players expect. We want to make sure we're enriching the experience for everyone, so new merchants, trading posts, and trading companies", Neate says.

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