Published: Sat, February 17, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

A single character can crash your iPhone's messaging apps

A single character can crash your iPhone's messaging apps

APPLE IS FIXING an iOS 11 glitch which causes iPhones and MacBooks to crash after receiving a single character in the Indian language Telugu.

Interestingly, reports have also emerged indicating that the public beta version of iOS 11.3 is unaffected; I'm running the beta, so I haven't been able to test the problem myself.

Opening a message containing the character is enough to crash iOS Springboard, the system app which manages the device's home screen. The only way you can fix the freezing loop is to ask somebody to send you another message and try to delete the thread that includes the Indian letter.

Once the recipient opens the message containing the character, the bug is then activated, and disables access to iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Outlook and Gmail.

According to Italian Blog Mobile World, who first spotted the bug say that the vulnerability crashes the app in which the character appears and can send the affected device into recurring reboot. The iPad's iOS notification bar failed to process them, forcing the whole system to stop and reload.

In addition to iOS and macOS, the bug can also affect new versions of tvOS and watchOS. Even more frustrating, it's not just a case of restarting the app and picking up where you left off.

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It's already bad enough that Variety is also covering this latest mishap from the Apple iOS team.

A specific Telugu character is crashing iPhones worldwide.

The character in question is from the Telugu language which spoken by approximately 70 million people in India.

Given how quickly Apple releases software updates, it's likely that the company will push out some sort of update that fixes the bug soon. Called the chaiOS, the bug exploited the fact that Apple's Messages app preloads any links in messages to show users a preview of the webpage.

Responding to iMore, Apple has said that a bug fix is coming in a minor update that will be rolled out ahead of iOS 11.3.

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