Published: Fri, February 23, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

Intel 5G lands in PCs next year

Intel 5G lands in PCs next year

Intel is announcing today, along with Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft, that they will be bringing 5G connectivity to Windows 10 PCs next year.

Intel will be giving a sneak peek at a concept 5G-connected PC during Mobile World Congress next week. The goal is to develop 5G smartphones that use Intel's XMM 8000 series modem and Spreadtrum's Application processor by the second half of 2019. Intel gave the following examples as new consumer scenarios that will be enabled by 5G connected PCs.

It cites examples like the ability to download a 250MB file while sitting in the auto before a meeting, or playing high-end online multiplayer video games during the morning commute - in an autonomous vehicle of course.

The expedited progress of determining global 5G standards has also seen some telecommunications carriage providers announce deployments of the technology within their network footprints next year.

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In the United States, the AT&T carrier has revealed which cities will be first to get 5G speeds, while UK regulator Ofcom is moving ahead with the first 5G spectrum auction after seeing off legal challenges over the bidding rules. It will likely be years before 5G networks become ubiquitous, but Intel's 5G modems should also support older 3G and LTE networks, which should already be great for consumers. The Intel 5G deployments there featured end-to-end 5G technologies and solutions including mobile edge computing, FlexRan, Intel's Automotive Trial Platform and its 5G Mobile Trial Platform. "Undoubtedly, China will be an important market at the forefront of 5G", Intel executive Chenwei Yan said in a statement. Featured exhibits are expected to include a demonstration of early commercial 5G technologies by Korea's KT Corp., a preview of how 5G networks will be able to improve emergency services communications, and hands-on experiences of 5G-enabled virtual reality gaming.

While 5G is yet another jump in wireless connectivity, it will bring with it the capability to do mass data-intensive workloads while outside the office.

Over at MWC (Mobile World Congress) which kicks off at the start of next week, Intel will be demonstrating a concept detachable 2-in-1 device which has an early version of a 5G modem running alongside one of the firm's latest 8th-gen Core i5 processors.

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