Published: Fri, February 23, 2018
Science | By Dan Gutierrez

Net neutrality repeal takes effect April 23

Net neutrality repeal takes effect April 23

"The FCC's decision to repeal the open-internet rules was a disaster, and we plan to re-file against the agency in coming days so we can make that case in court", Tim Karr, spokesman for pro-net neutrality group Free Press, told Bloomberg Law.

FCC calls its recent action "The Restoring Internet Freedom Order", but of course it's very misleading.

Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson is also preparing a legal challenge to the FCC's decision, as part of a coalition with attorneys general from 21 other states and the District of Columbia. The chest beating has been loud over the last couple of months in anticipation of the repeal and the threats of legal action has always been there.

As we saw in previous iterations of this document and its rulings, the current FCC's promoters of this destruction of net neutrality do not intend on presenting any document with unbiased wording. The FTC does not pre-emptively regulate them. For some it will remove unnecessary red-tape and bureaucratic complications, keeping lethargic public servants at arm's length, but for others it gives profit-frenzied executives the opportunity to abuse the consumer and slap the OTTs around.

How this all shakes out remains to be seen. The telcos are moving back into a position of control and a strangle hold on the digital economy might be just around the corner. You can send your thanks to Ajit Pai.

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Twenty-two Democratic state attorneys general on Tuesday launched a lawsuit aimed at preserving net neutrality on Tuesday, the same day the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published its rule striking the regulations in the Federal Register.

On Thursday, Jessica Rosenworcel, one of two FCC commissioners to vote against the repeal (the other bring Mignon Clyburn), said "The FCC's net neutrality decision is a study in just what's wrong with Washington". Unlike the moments before and just after the original vote for this ruling, now several states in the US have passed or are about to pass legislation assuring net neutrality rules will be on the books statewide. "The CRA is the clearest path to restore net neutrality protections that never should have been taken away in the first place".

"It turned a blind eye to all kinds of corruption in our public record - from Russian intervention to fake comments to stolen identities in our files", she said.

The FCC's repeal will allow both blocking and throttling by Internet providers, leaving one requirement intact: that broadband companies - such as Comcast, Verizon and AT&T - have to disclose to users how they handle web traffic. This is not right. That said it could all be in vain.

The states are being led by New York's attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, and intend to fight the Trump administration's repeal of the rules that were created to ensure an open and free internet.

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