Published: Sat, February 24, 2018
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Mueller probe stymies Kushner security clearance

Mueller probe stymies Kushner security clearance

Still, Kushner is reportedly said to review the highly secret presidential daily brief and has been in the room for some of Trump's most consequential domestic and foreign policy decisions. "General Kelly respects Jared a lot".

But the president has the right to override clearances and show classified information to anyone, a stipulation the rules-averse Oval Office surely knows.

It was Kelly who mandated last week that officials who'd applied for security clearances before July, but haven't yet received permanent access, would be stripped of their interim clearances. Issuing exemptions to Kushner "would create a political problem-the White House would have to explain why the president granted an exception to his family". The combination of factors could leave Kushner without a security clearance for months to come, even as he tackles sensitive issues like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the United States' relationship with Mexico. "And Gen. Kelly will make that call", Trump said. According to several reports, White House officials were aware of both the allegations against Porter and the impact on his clearance.

Aaron David Miller, who served as a senior adviser on Israeli-Arab peace to U.S. secretaries of state from 1988 to 2003, wrote on Twitter that "based on years in biz, doing Arab-Israeli negotiations requires access to top secret and codeword 411" - referring to code-word information out of reach of even those with permanent, top-secret security clearances.

Two ex-wives warned Federal Bureau of Investigation agents conducting a background check that Porter could be susceptible to blackmail.

"I have definitely had cases over the years where there was a parallel criminal investigation ... that was happening at the same time as there was a clearance investigation", Zaid said. Rosenstein also oversees the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller, who has scrutinized Kushner's contacts with foreign officials and business dealings as he examines Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

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And, Mr Parker says, it has found a way to ban foreign buyers of existing homes; a key policy of the Jacinda Ardern Government. The Canadian government rejects that position, saying the statistics don't back the USA deficit assertions.

Kelly last week announced that he will revoke top clearances for any aide with an interim security clearance whose background check has been pending since last June or earlier. Kushner failed to report some of those contacts to USA officials.

Investigators scrutinize those activities to determine whether a person could be subject to influence or blackmail by a foreign government and can be trusted to guard classified information.

Kelly said in a statement on Thursday that he would not comment on anyone's specific security clearance situation.

The information was discovered in the course of Kushner's background check, The Washington Post reported on Friday.

He complained about a "broken" system that has required "months and months" of waiting for people with unremarkable circumstances.

At his news conference Friday, Trump defended his son-in-law, who he noted does not draw a salary.

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