Published: Thu, March 01, 2018
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Apple To Reportedly Sell Biggest iPhone Ever, 3 Versions Coming This Year

Apple To Reportedly Sell Biggest iPhone Ever, 3 Versions Coming This Year

This time around, the company is expected to release three new smartphones with the same design language as the iPhone X - the largest iPhone ever (iPhone X Plus ), a slightly cheaper model and one the same size as the current iPhone X.

The report says that the body of this so-called iPhone X Plus will feature roughly the same dimensions as the iPhone 8 Plus, but with an OLED screen which is an inch larger thanks to most of the bezels getting cut.

The sources also corroborated previous rumors that claimed Apple would likely release three new iPhone models this Fall: an updated iPhone X, iPhone X Plus, and a cheaper iPhone X version.

Apple is reportedly planning to launch its largest iPhone yet this year, featuring a pocket-challenging 6.5-inch screen.

Similar to the iPhone X, the phablet-style iPhone will also feature a Face ID camera which will allow users to unlock their smartphone by looking at the device. The images, seen below, show a phone with a 6.5-inch display, with edge-to-edge screen design. It would appear that Apple is already putting suppliers through the ringer in order to prepare for production of the new phones.

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Apple's trio - if launched - would be a "very logical extension of the product line" for Apple: "One bigger, one cheaper, and one upgrade to the existing iPhone X", said Bob O'Donnell, head of TECHnalysis Research, according to Reuters.

"That market has many single-device consumers, and they love big phones".

Apple could release its first-ever dual SIM iPhone this year, in a move which would be a boon for business travellers.

The smaller iPhone is said to also inherit many features of the iPhone X as well. And to add more, both of them will be featuring stainless steel edges, which is quite similar to the iPhone X. A dual-SIM system would thus cut short this waiting and make customers in Asian countries like India happy. With the eSIM tech, smartphones can connect to the cellular data networks without inserting a traditional SIM card. The OLED screen will be replaced with an LCD version, saving on costs all the way around.

The device will have a familiar size when holding it, as it will have almost the same body as the iPhone 8 Plus.

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