Published: Sat, March 03, 2018
Science | By Dan Gutierrez

The Internet Wrongly Assumed Diablo III Was Teased for Switch

The Internet Wrongly Assumed Diablo III Was Teased for Switch

Blizzard's last Nintendo game was Starcraft on the N64, after that, the publisher's console efforts took a dive until 2012, when Diablo 3 came to the Xbox One and PS4. The short clip shows the now iconic Diablo demon in the form of a nightlight. Hackers have been trying to bring Doom 3 and all other Doom games to Nintendo Switch and seem like they just might.

Midway through the week, Blizzard's official Twitter shared a very freaky video of a Diablo-themed nightlight.

When pinged for question, a Blizzard spokesperson told Polygon via e-mail that the post was meant to be a fun community engagement piece.

"We can assure you we're not that clever". As much as we would love to see Diablo III on the Nintendo Switch - it would be a truly unbelievable way to play the essential game - we're not ready to believe that day will ever come until we receive more official information. "We have nothing to announce".

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At this time this was just a simple rumor, with no words from any sources outside of this. Though it's had a few console releases throughout the years (and, indeed, used to develop primarily for consoles back before the arrival of the first Warcraft game), most of Blizzard's big games have only been available on PC.

That's certainly disappointing, because if there is a franchise that is a ideal fit for the Switch, it's Diablo.

This may well be a video of a night light, but its generated a lot of hype with the assumption being that Diablo III will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. That flurry of speculation spawned two very active threads on the Nintendo Switch subreddit and the Resetera forums.

Keep your eyes on the Mammoth Gamers for further developments.

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