Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
Science | By Dan Gutierrez

PS4 Pro update finally makes more games look better on 1080p TVs

PS4 Pro update finally makes more games look better on 1080p TVs

This feature is not available for regular PS4 users, so be aware of this if you do not have the PS4 Pro. Let's go ahead and break down each change and how it will impact the user experience... This is one of the most requested features from the PlayStation community, but Sony remains tight-lipped. If you're a parent, the new Play Time Management feature within Family Management will allow you to control when and how long each child can play.

Days Gone follows biker bounty hunter Deacon St. John in a post-apocalyptic open world adventure filled with rival groups of survivors and an ever-present zombie threat. The super user/family managers can also set the PS4 to log out once the playtime session is over, and increase or decrease game time anytime by accessing the web portal. This process substantially reduces the presence of "jaggies", the stair-step jagged lines you'll often see on foliage, power lines, fences, and line edges more generally within a given game. Version 5.50 also allows you to permanently delete old notifications and to schedule events directly from the tournament page. This will allow people who have downloaded betas or demos of games to hide those from the Library. This 460MB update brings a lot of new goodies to the table, some of which we've been clamoring for since the console's release.

Other new features include more personalization and improved image quality for games played on HDTVs.

Winter storm warnings issued for Wednesday storm
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In addition to those features, players can also now customize their wallpapers with their own uploaded images.

Quick Menu and Notifications - This sees some enhancements for easily contacting online friends and sending messages during game play with less menus to go through.

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