Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
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Christine Elliott refuses to concede Ontario PC Party leadership to Doug Ford

Christine Elliott refuses to concede Ontario PC Party leadership to Doug Ford

"You've all made us proud", Fedeli said, gesturing to the four leadership contestants sitting in the front row of the room, former Toronto city councilor Doug Ford, former MPP and bureaucrat Christine Elliott, lawyer and investment advisor Caroline Mulroney and social conservative activist Tanya Granic Allen.

The party sided with Ford, saying his win was definitive.

Elliott, who visited Sault Ste. Skepticism of immigration, for instance, is not part of his formula; his late brother Rob enjoyed considerable support from new Canadians during his successful run for Toronto's mayoralty, and so did Doug in his unsuccessful bid to replace him.

Elliott initially disputed Saturday's results, alleging they stemmed from "serious irregularities" in the vote.

Surely, if that had been done here, a result would have been announced late Saturday afternoon.

In a further statement, Ford lauded Elliott - a longtime family friend - as a "dedicated mother, intelligent leader and hard working volunteer" and appeared eager to move past a close leadership campaign that saw him paint her as a flip-flopper.

However, the supporters Elliott say that she got more votes and won the majority of electoral districts. But Elliott can challenge that through the courts if she chooses.

Romano said Ford had a strong following and believes he will be an effective leader.

"We will review this process in its entirety once it is complete, in light of the challenges, and offer solutions to avoid them in the future", he added. Marie to tout his own campaign earlier this month.

Turkey will deliver Afrin to its true owners, says Erdoğan
When Ankara reaches it, the troops will be pulled out of the country, he stated. "We are advancing toward Afrin [city center]". AP reported Erdogan accused the alliance of double standards.

Mayor Rob Ford (right) and brother Doug Ford at City Hall Council Chambers in Toronto, Ont. on February 19, 2014.

"The only time I ever met Doug was when he was in the Sault (during his leadership campaign, March 3)..."

LIVE COVERAGE: CBC News Network will broadcast live from the Ontario PC leadership event on Saturday, starting at 1 p.m. ET, with host Rosemary Barton.

"We've seen in the last ten years what the Liberals and the NDP together have done: bringing in the Green Energy Act, making hydro more expensive, and they've almost tripled the debt over the last decade", he explains. "It's going to be incentive, incentive, incentive and reduced taxes across the board". He has criticized the Liberal government's sex education curriculum, voiced his personal opposition to abortion and said he'd allow caucus members to vote with their conscience on policy matters.

"When he was in Sault Ste". "He was not the typical establishment (politician) and wanted to show he was not that typical establishment".

"One doesn't exactly think of the Ford political brand involving bridge-building, reaching out to those who disagree with them to forge compromise or common ground", he said.

The Tories used preferential ballots and a system of points assigned by ridings to calculate results. His win was revealed by the party after a chaotic day that included members being sent home from the Markham convention hall as the party worked to resolve an issue regarding some key ballots. In total, 71,450 members were registered to vote.

Mr. Ford is not Donald Trump, to whom comparisons will be made on a daily basis between now and when Ontarians' cast their ballots on June 7.

The race was prompted by former leader Patrick Brown's resignation on January 25 after two women accused him of sexual misconduct. Brown has denied the allegations. Brown backed out of the race about 10 days later, saying it was too hard to work at clearing his name and running a leadership campaign at the same time.

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