Published: Mon, March 12, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Turkey will deliver Afrin to its true owners, says Erdoğan

Turkey will deliver Afrin to its true owners, says Erdoğan

People are planning to act as human shields in an effort to protect the Syrian city of Afrin as the Turkish military and its allied forces prepare to capture the Kurdish-controlled urban centre.

In the same speech on Saturday, Erdogan reportedly criticized North Atlantic Treaty Organisation for not supporting his country's ongoing military operation against Syrian Kurdish fighters in Syria. AP reported Erdogan accused the alliance of double standards.

A total of 3,347 terrorists have been "neutralized" since the start of Operation Olive Branch in Syria's northwestern Afrin region, the Turkish General Staff said in a statement on Monday morning.

Turkey says that it is also defending NATO's southern borders through Operation Olive Branch, but the alliance has failed to support it.

"Hey NATO, with what has been going on in Syria, when are you going to come and be alongside us?" NATO, Turkey is not a NATO country? Turkey describes the militias as offshoots of the terrorist-labeled outlawed Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

Turkish forces have surrounded Afrin city in Syria operation, says state media
Turkey Says Its Forces Encircle Kurdish-Held Afrin In Northern Syria

Pro-Kurdish demonstrators staged protests against Turkey's military offensive in northern Syria on Sunday scuffling with Turks and German police at Duesseldorf airport, while in Britain they temporarily closed two train stations, authorities said. When Ankara reaches it, the troops will be pulled out of the country, he stated.

"We are advancing toward Afrin [city center]".

The recent UNSC resolution, which urged a 30-days Syria-wide ceasefire, has been also used to call upon Erdogan to halt their operations.

Earlier this week, the Pentagon announced an "operational pause" in the fight against remnants of IS in eastern Syria, admitting that Turkey's activities in Afrin affected the coalition's capabilities. "Turkey will fight terrorists anywhere they operate", he added. Because of possible links with the PKK, Turkey has categorized Syria's Kurdhish militia as a "terrorist organization" and vows to act accordingly against it.

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