Published: Tue, March 13, 2018
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Carragher suspended by Sky Sports after spitting 'moment of madness'

Carragher suspended by Sky Sports after spitting 'moment of madness'

The footage, shot by the 14-year-old Red Devils fan's dad shows the Former Liverpool man aiming a mouthful of saliva at the passenger window of their vehicle.

"Sky takes this matter extremely seriously and strongly condemns Jamie's actions", Sky Sports said in a statement.

It added they had "made that clear to him in person" and "suspended him". But we are all people.

In addition to being suspended by Sky, Carragher has been dropped by Danish broadcaster TV3 for their coverage of United's Champions League last-16 second-leg clash with Sevilla at Old Trafford.

"I think spitting is disgusting full stop", she told Press Association Sport at the Checkatrade EFL Community Club of the Year Awards.

In the video the father of the girl can be heard shouting: "Unlucky Jamie lad".

Why is spitting so bad?

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Jamie Carragher will not appear on Monday Night Football this evening after he was filmed spitting in the direction of a 14-year-old girl. I was goaded 3/4 times along the motorway while being filmed & lost my rag.

"It's devastating for the family involved and I'm sorry for my actions", he said in the video below.

"The biggest regret, certainly, is for the 14-year-old girl to be caught in the middle of this, and my altercation with the father".

"That has devastated me more than anything".

"I thought it was a bit unusual Diouf calling after all the times he has been caught spitting at people, but when I spoke to him he was absolutely raging at what Carragher had done", said Satchell. "It's the lowest of the low, and I'll never do it again". The interviewer then asked the pundit whether he felt he should keep his job at Sky, and he replied with: "It remains to be seen".

Sky Sports, group of sports television channels, where Carragher is now working as a commentator, is not taking the situation lightly.

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