Published: Thu, March 15, 2018
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Monster Hunter World Deviljho Release And Spring Event Update

Monster Hunter World Deviljho Release And Spring Event Update

The main objective in Monster Hunter: World is to simply battle huge monsters in epic locales.

Once again, the first major Monster Hunter World update begins on March 22, so get ready! Capcom has now confirmed the monster will come to the game on March 22nd. This update will add the first free new monster to the game as promised earlier by Capcom. Come celebrate with us and participate in daily fun activities, which will, of course, involve a lot of monster hunting.

We'll have more details on this limited-timed event pretty soon but make sure you mark your calendars so you don't miss out!

And the other, available at the start of the Spring Blossom Fest on April 6th, will unlock materials to craft the Wyvern Ignition Great Sword, the victor of our community Weapon Design Contest.

Also coming is the Spring Blossom Fest, an event running from April 6-20, which gives the Gathering Hall a flowery makeover, complete with a giant Poogie lantern and nighttime firework shows.

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The March update is also going to introduce plenty of balance changes for most weapon types as well as new features.

Update: Capcom has gone over all the new updates in a blog post. And speaking of adjustments, if you're not happy in retrospect with how you've crafted your Hunter, players will be getting a free "Hunter Personal Grooming Ticket" that will allow you to change your Hunter's gender and looks, though your Palico and your name will stay the same.

Here's how this works: the character edit voucher is a paid item, but you'll actually be given one for free on March 16.

The voucher allows you to change your Hunter gender and appearance in full, but you can not edit anything about your Palico or your hunter's name.

Other major changes include reduced loading times, the ability to return to the Gathering Hall multiplayer area after a quest, alongside a raft of balance tweaks to nearly all of the game's 14 weapon types.

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