Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
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Trump to Sessions: Seek death penalty for drug trafficking 'where appropriate'

Trump to Sessions: Seek death penalty for drug trafficking 'where appropriate'

"But if we don't get tough on the drug dealers, we're wasting our time", he said.

"Some of these drug dealers will kill thousands of people during their lifetimes", Trump said Monday at a community college in Manchester, New Hampshire.

David Safavian, deputy director for the American Conservative Union Foundation's Center for Criminal Justice Reform, said Trump's plan had some good parts, including focusing on addiction as a way to lower crime rates.

To reduce the supply of foreign fentanyl, Mr. Trump wants to require advanced electronic data on 90 percent of packages that enter the USA, so customs agents can target suspicious drug shipments.

Trump went on to muse that it was odd that those who murder individuals receive life sentences or the death penalty while dealers, whom Trump claimed kill "thousands of people", receive lesser forms of punishment.

This will be his first visit to New Hampshire as president.

Trump's victory in the Granite State's 2016 GOP primary set his campaign on a course to win the nomination.

The White House has begun to call it the crisis next door, creating a website by the same name where people can share their personal stories dealing with opioids.

He added, "every dollar that we waste on these failed policies of the past is a dollar that we do not have for proved programs of education and treatment".

Mrs. Trump spoke about her visits to hospitals and clinics that help children who were born addicted to opioids.

The president made his announcement in New Hampshire, a state hit hard by opioids and an early marker for the re-election campaign he has already announced.

Trump chose to sack McMaster, says report
His economic nationalism became the lynchpin of Trump policies, even as many of his other ideas were rebuffed by policy rivals. Several reports recently have indicated that McMaster could be the next top official to leave the White House.

Republican hailed Mr. Trump's speech as a step forward, while Democrats reacted with guarded optimism, saying the president seems to be getting serious about the epidemic but should put treatment ahead of extra-punitive measures.

President Trump praised countries with "zero tolerance for drug dealers" who use the death penalty on drug dealers, and lobbied for the use it on March 19.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse concluded that more than 64,000 people in the United States died a year ago of drug overdoses.

He made similar comments at a recent White House summit on opioids.

Most polls show Trump's approval rating hovering around 40 per cent, with supporters and opponents expressing intense feelings either way.

"We will not incarcerate or execute our way out of the opioid epidemic", Democratic senator Ed Markey said last week. "So we're going to have to be very strong on penalties".

"Every day, sanctuary cities release unsafe individuals, drug dealers, traffickers, gang members back into our communities". Some legal scholars have said the issue may need to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 42,000 people died from opioid overdoses in 2016, the latest year with publicly available data.

The administration was criticized for not doing enough after declaring a public health emergency five months ago.

"We call it the crisis next door because everyone knows someone", said Kellyanne Conway, a Trump senior adviser. Trump's plan includes expanded access to medication-assisted treatment, where people are slowly weaned off opioids under a doctor's supervision or given an injection of a medication that blocks opioids from working on the brain. It follows a visit to the state last week by retiring Sen. "This is no longer somebody else's community, somebody else's kid, somebody else's co-worker". On opioid overprescribing, the plan asks that 75% of opioid prescriptions that are reimbursed by federal healthcare programs over the next three years be written using best practices.

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