Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
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When is Fortnite mobile coming out on Android?

When is Fortnite mobile coming out on Android?

If you've not played Fortnite Battle Royale, we imagine you've probably come across its name at some point, whether that's through an incessantly chattering friend or simply by being online at some point in the past few months. This includes both Android and iOS.

This means you'll find yourself tossed into 100 player matches where you'll have to fight grenade and pistol to be the last player standing. Even if you're a regular player, mobile games tend to be very different beasts to their console and PC counterparts so you might just want to know how different Fortnite Mobile is to the game you can't stop playing. But while every bit of Epic Games' popular survival shooter is preserved on the small screen, there are a handful of mobile-specific mechanics you'll have to master in order to score that sweet Victory Royale with just your thumbs. As such, many players are wondering if Fortnite Mobile has controller support. To connect accounts, go to the Epic Games website, select Account from the top right of the screen, and then click Connected Accounts. We couldn't be more excited to bring the game you all love to your hand-held devices.

With Blitz Mode's increased speed and sophisticated weaponry, you'll feel compelled to keep moving - sometimes even sacrificing healing or shield boosting activities for fear that hanging around in one spot too long my make you an open target.

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The total download amount is about 2 GB, which is fair for a game like fortnite that covers so many graphics and details.

Fortnite players can now try out a new LTM, the Fortnite Blitz mode for PS4, Xbox One, Fortnite Mobile, PCs and Macs. Once more is learned, we'll be sure to update this post.

We are now looking for 12 adults, ages 18-25, to become the faces of our in-game characters. On-screen buttons does take some getting used to and the jumpstick is an option as well. Items are automatically added to your inventory when you run over them, including guns.

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