Published: Thu, March 22, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Forecast snow increased to 2-4 inches

Forecast snow increased to 2-4 inches

Late Wednesday into early Thursday morning the sky will begin to clear and we will only have a few lingering flurries.

According to the National Weather Service, about an inch of rain is likely on Tuesday before the precipitation turns into snow and sleet that evening.

Yep, Britain needs to brace itself for more snow and icy showers as the BBC has predicted a "Beast from the North East" to batter the country over the Easter weekend of 30 March to 2 April. Have made a decision to let the Winter Storm Watch continue for now as it's looking more likely that snow levels will remain high into Thursday. Gusts will be between 45-55mph with the strongest wind expected Wednesday evening. We'll see a chance for showers through the overnight hours.

"Much colder air is set to return across the United Kingdom in the coming days, certainly by the weekend it will feel bitter once more with hard nighttime frosts and a significant wind chill".

Snow is finally winding down, with gusty winds and cold temps remaining.

New European sanctions would affect nuclear deal
The Iran nuclear deal gave the Islamic Republic a break from crippling sanctions if it agreed to stop pursuing nuclear weapons. The commission overseeing the nuclear accord said on Friday in Vienna that Iran was meeting its obligations under the deal.

Clouds will linger into Thursday morning but more sunshine will mix in by midday. Afternoon temperatures are in the upper 40s, falling well short of the lower 50s we should see this time of the year.

Wet weather continues into the weekend.

Those changes include, warmer temperatures, higher humidity, and increase in cloud cover. Snow levels will start out above most mountain passes, then quickly drop to pass level, creating snow covered roads behind the front late Thursday night and Friday morning.

For the first time in quite some time, we are expecting above normal temperatures. Yes, correct! A fast moving Atlantic low will merge with a deeper, slow-moving polar low to form a broad upper trough over the North Sea area from March 28. Sunday will be a cloudy day and we could have a bit of a wintry mix.

"Winter is far from over yet and over the next few weeks we could once again be thrown back into the freezer despite the current milder weather".

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