Published: Sun, March 25, 2018
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Investigators recreate fatal crash involving self-driving Uber vehicle

Investigators recreate fatal crash involving self-driving Uber vehicle

In Arizona alone, more than 600 autonomous vehicles are being tested on public roads.

Waymo, formerly the self-driving auto project of Google, said that in tests on roads in California a year ago, its cars went an average of almost 5,600 miles before the driver had to take control from the computer to steer out of trouble. "Uber was struggling to meet its target of 13 miles between intervention" in Arizona, according to the article. More than 20 states have already enacted autonomous vehicle legislation.

Applicants must be legal entities equipped with mature driverless vehicle technology, and be able to provide both detailed operation and insurance plans, he said.

The crash, which occurred Sunday night, was a major setback for Uber, which has been trying to improve its image since Khosrowshahi replaced Travis Kalanick as the company's chief executive in a messy transfer of power in August.

In California, the drivers must have completed a test driver training program by the company they work for, not have any at-fault collisions resulting in injury or death on their driving record and be clean of any citations for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the past decade. It may be noted here that back in 2017, Arizona chose to allow testing of these self-driving cars on the public roads. Unlike California, where Uber had been testing since spring of 2017, Arizona state officials had taken a hands-off approach to autonomous vehicles and did not require companies to disclose how their cars were performing.

The footage also shows a view of the vehicle's interior and the driver at the wheel. A 2017 study conducted by AAA shows three-quarters of USA drivers are afraid to ride in a self-driving auto and only 10 percent think they would make roads safer. Hopefully, this isn't an inherent problem with self-driving technology and Uber discovers what went wrong.

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According to MacRumors , thousands of Google employees are now involved in the testing phase for the new subscription service. According to Cohen, a YouTube music service is in development to compete directly with Apple Music and Spotify .

It also appears from the video that the human backup driver is looking down and is surprised when the Uber vehicle hits Herzberg. "We continue to assist investigators in any way we can". Autonomous cars used radar-based technology to detect pedestrians, motor vehicles, and any other obstruction on the road ahead. They wanted to take him on a ride without human interventions to demonstrate that the cars could handle so-called edge cases, tricky road situations that are hard to predict.

"There's no regulations, and if there's not a sheriff in town somebody gets killed", Simpson said.

"Some employees expressed safety concerns to managers, according to the two people familiar with Uber's operations", the Times reported.

Alphabet Inc's Waymo LLC has yet to comment on its plans since the Uber collision, but the tech giant's Pacifica minivans remain on the road in Arizona, said Kevin Hartke, a Chandler, Arizona, city councilor.

An Uber spokesman told the Times that miles-per-intervention was not a safety measurement but instead a rate of system improvement and it could depend on how and where vehicles were operating.

He noted both the Tempe police and the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

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