Published: Sun, March 25, 2018
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OPT: Palestinian child activist Ahed Tamimi sentenced to 8 months in prison

OPT: Palestinian child activist Ahed Tamimi sentenced to 8 months in prison

The plea deal included Nur and Nariman El-Tamimi, Ahed's cousin and mother, who were involved in the incident of slapping an armed soldier who entered the driveway of their house.

The 17-year-old was also filmed encouraging attacks against Israelis, including stabbing attacks.

Tamimi's lawyer, Gaby Lasky, said the sentence would include four months already served and a fine of 5,000 shekels (£1,017).

Following the sentencing, Ahed told reporters that there is "no justice under occupation and we are in an illegal court". Ahed has said that the infamous video shows her confronting soldiers while she was upset about Muhammed being shot.

Israelis accuse her family of using Tamimi as a pawn in staged provocations.

Palestinians have embraced her as a symbol of a new generation fighting Israel.

Earlier in the day in the same case, Tamimi's cousin Nour Tamimi had her plea deal approved that saw her go free, the lawyer said.

Asked why she recommended that her client accept the deal of by the IDF West Bank prosecution, attorney Gaby Lasky said that "When the court chose to carry out Ahed's trial behind closed doors, after a lot of discussions had taken place in the public already, we understood that there was no chance that Ahed would receive a fair trial".

Israeli authorities initially sought 12 charges against Tamimi - including threatening and assaulting an Israeli soldier, interfering with his duties, throwing objects at individuals and property, and incitement.

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She additionally accused her own lawyer at the time of joining their efforts to mislead her about the nature of the deal. She was previously given a $130,000 payout for her silence on her interactions with Trump.

After the plea bargain was presented to the judge, Tamimi addressed the court.

The Israeli military court where Ahed Tamimi was being tried accepted the deal between her and prosecutors in the case that has drawn worldwide attention. "We see what we see in the clip but still, when we hear the insane message that Ahed's cousin Muhammad, who was shot in the head, fell off his bike and was hurt by the handles of his bike. then we see that there is much more than what happened in the clip".

Lasky appealed to have the trial opened, but was rejected.

"When they made a decision to keep her trial behind closed doors, we knew that we were not going to get a fair trial", Lasky told AFP in describing her reasons for seeking a plea bargain.

Tamimi slapped not only an Israeli soldier but the entire Israeli occupation right in the face.

The military court dropped several of its initial charges against Ahed, for which she faced up to 10 years in prison, according to the prisoners solidarity group Samidoun.

The video of the Palestinian teen slapping and kicking the soldiers, who refused to react, caused a public outcry after it was screened on Israeli television. The incident below took place in December 2012.

Relatives say a member of the Tamimi family was wounded in the head by a rubber bullet fired during those protests.

It's not the first time she's harassed soldiers in front of a camera.

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