Published: Tue, April 03, 2018
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Facebook to shut down Partner Categories to safeguard user data

Facebook to shut down Partner Categories to safeguard user data

Facebook also has a setting which allows your Facebook ad preferences be used "to show you ads on devices such as computers, mobile devices and connected TVs", according to Facebook. Facebook is working to make privacy settings easier to find on a single page.

In a sense, they're similar to a government intelligence agency- they try to gather just as much data as they possibly can about people.

2013 Facebook shares two-year-old anonymized data on billions of friendships between countries with Cambridge researcher Aleksandr Kogan and co-authors a research paper with him (published in 2015).

"If this leak #$%^ continues, we will become like every other company where people are hesitant to discuss broad-reaching, forward-looking ideas and thoughts, that only the very average ideas and thoughts get discussed and executed", another reportedly said.

In addition to all the new tools, Egan and Beringer said that Facebook was putting the control of advertisements in the hands of the users.

The American Civil Liberties Union warns people that Facebook's default settings mean that when a friend uses an app or takes a quiz, the quiz- or app-maker can peer into your profile, even if you've made it private. "Ad preferences explain how ads work and the options you have", the duo said.

In yet another attempt to safeguard users' data privacy on its platform, Facebook has announced it will no longer allow third-party data for targeting advertisements. McKay said he found his entire call history with his partner's mother in his Facebook data.

Are there any other tools that give users more control of their data?

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Kogan creates a quiz app, installed by around 300,000 people, giving him access to tens of millions of their friends' data.

The latest, disturbing revelation is that the social media giant has been keeping copies of users' videos even after they thought they were deleted from the site, according to New York Magazine. However, in the context of the recent data collection scandal with Cambridge Analytica, the words seem far more ominous. It also requires developers to get approval from Facebook before accessing sensitive data.

Through Access Your Information, people can manage their information, such as posts, reactions, comments, and information they have searched for. Among them are some from several shareholders, including one based in San Francisco; Facebook users, including one woman asking $500 million in damages; and Illinois' Cook County government for allegedly violating its state's fraud law. Egan and Beringer also said that users could also download the data that they have shared with Facebook and even move it to another service.

That's what Egan and Beringer have promised.

"This speaks to how important Facebook is as an advertising channel, and that brands are surely making the decision that the benefits of the platform outweigh the smaller risks of brand damage due to association with it", Gottlieb says.

It's likely that many people are discovering these ancient clips in their archive. "These updates are about transparency - not about gaining new rights to collect, use, or share data", the duo posted in the blog.

One service, Mastodon, has seen a surge in sign-ups following the Facebook privacy stories, although it is an alternative more to Twitter than Facebook.

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