Published: Wed, April 04, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Pinwheel Garden brings awareness to Child Abuse Prevention Month

Pinwheel Garden brings awareness to Child Abuse Prevention Month

Each Monday during the month of April has been declared a Blue Monday and child advocates are encouraging people to wear blue to show their support for the battle against abuse and neglect.

For 2016, a nationally estimated 1,750 children died of abuse and neglect at a rate of 2.36 per 100,000 children in the national population.

- Take an active role in your children's lives. It was not clear in the report if the person who ran was found. Stay alert for possible problems.

It's the only nationally distributed, evidence-based program proven to increase knowledge, improve attitudes and change child protective behaviors.

"It makes people ask questions, be aware of what is going on so they know".

- Teach children accurate names of private body parts and the difference between touches that are "OK" and "not OK". "Prevention is the key and it is up to every adult to protect our children", Director of the Children's Assessment Center Elaine Stolte said.

Three-quarters (74.8 percent) of victims were neglected, 18.2 percent were physically abused and 8.5 percent were sexually abused. "However, that isn't the only thing that we all must do to prevent child abuse". Thank your child for telling you. Child abuse can also affect broader health outcomes into adolescence and adulthood. All hotline calls are routed to the county where a child resides.

Trump's Easter rant against immigrants and Mexico was beyond the pale
I just noticed the caravan now, which is toward the middle of Mexico coming up from Honduras, is breaking up very rapidly. Mexico routinely stops and deports Central Americans, sometimes in numbers that rival those of the United States.

"We actually begin preparations months in advance for this month's events", Wheat said.

Lisette Estrella-Henderon, Solano County superintendent of schools, talked about the long-term effects of child abuse.

The center is set up so the child who has been victimized need only speak once about the experience.

During the Five Days of Action, the Hunterdon County YMCA will hold events and have various materials available to help educate the public about child sexual abuse prevention. We commend organizers and volunteers for doing what they can to raise awareness. They are a symbol of child abuse prevention and a visible reminder of the happy and healthy childhood that all children deserve.

Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said online child exploitation was one of the fastest growing crimes in the world, fuelled by social media platforms and advancing technology.

Falsely accusing someone is bad, but allowing a child to go even one more day in an abusive situation is far worse.

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