Published: Wed, April 04, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Trump's Easter rant against immigrants and Mexico was beyond the pale

Trump's Easter rant against immigrants and Mexico was beyond the pale

The Mexican government said Monday it would break up the caravan by Wednesday, according to Adolfo Flores, a BuzzFeed correspondent traveling with the caravan.

Mr Trump has already blasted Mexico and threatened to upend the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) over the caravan and yesterday also raised the prospect of withholding U.S. assistance. The statement makes no mention of any enforcement actions in the previous years and revealed that this year they are offering asylum to those who qualify.

"There's a lot of pressure from authorities to stop the caravan because of Donald Trump's reaction", Abeja told Reuters.

A caravan of more than 1,200 Central Americans streaming towards the United States' southern border is getting transportation help from within Mexico - even as government officials say they're trying to disband the group amid increasing pressure from President Trump.

Mexico routinely stops and deports Central Americans, sometimes in numbers that rival those of the United States.

Yet the shelter operators expressed wariness with the caravan, saying in a statement they would stay on the "margins", while supporting the goal of safe migration. He said the group did not expect to reach the USA border for three more weeks. I just noticed the caravan now, which is toward the middle of Mexico coming up from Honduras, is breaking up very rapidly.

On Monday, Mexican immigration officials began taking the names of people interested in filing for temporary transit or humanitarian visas in Mexico.

Mr Trump's latest salvo against the migrants' journey comes as he has stepped up his immigration rhetoric in recent days, and his administration has moved to further crack down on people who are in the U.S. illegally. How is NAFTA a cash cow for Mexico when it has led to millions of Mexicans losing their subsistence farming livelihoods as cheaper USA -taxpayer subsidized corn flooded the Mexican market?

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"It is not this government's responsibility to make immigration decisions for the United States or any other country, so it will be up to the appropriate authorities of the United States to decide whether to authorize the entry of the caravan participants to USA territory", the statement said.

"We will act with complete sovereignty in enforcing our laws", he said Monday.

"Under no circumstances does the Mexican government promote irregular migration". The caravan "doesn't have a sense of migrant protection".

An organizer of the caravan, Alex Mensing, said that it "didn't bring anyone" to the United States, but "accompanied people who have made a decision to flee". Recent elections in Honduras were marred by irregularities and accusations of fraud, and a subsequent crackdown on protesters has been condemned as heavy-handed.

Andrade said members of his organization tried to accompany a caravan of migrants in 2014, but it became "infiltrated" by organized crime. "We're not against the caravan", said Xicotencatl. The remaining migrants will be subjected to an "administrative migration procedure", the government said, though it was unclear how many marchers would be allowed to continue their journey to the USA border.

Trump also said he would use incorporate this into renegotiations of NAFTA while also grumbling that America has "no border" thanks to former President Barack Obama.

"They can not cross the border", he said. In a series of tweets over the weekend, Trump threatened to use ongoing NAFTA negotiations to punish Mexico for what he said was inaction on illegal immigration.

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