Published: Sun, April 08, 2018
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Apple rumoured to be exploring "Touchless" gestures and curved iPhone screens

Apple rumoured to be exploring

In the fourth quarter, Apple was responsible for about 20 per cent of smartphone shipments following the launch of the iPhone X and iPhone 8, beating out second place Samsung and Huawei, according to IDC. There is a new phone being released every month it seems like, and Apple feels the need to step their game up to compete. But as we've seen before with Face ID, Apple has a history of cribbing innovative, yet poorly executed ideas that were exclusive to Android and honing them into a highlight fans become eager to adopt.

Apple's always been said to be working on new technologies to build into its lineup of iPhones, and today's report out of Bloomberg corroborates these rumors. Also, the new screens would curve "inward gradually from top to bottom", not along the sides like with Samsung phones, the publication said. Apple plans to take similar tech in their own direction. But Apple's long-lasting distaste for curved displays may be going the way of its hatred of big-screen phones - which was legendary back in the day before the first Plus iPhone launched.

As for Apple's curved screen iPhone, it would have a curve that ran from top to bottom. It is at least a year away but could offer a wow-factor to enhance Apple's current market cap of $854 million.

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OLED, or organic light emitting diode, displays can be shaped into curves or even folded, unlike the less-flexible LCD screen technology used in prior iPhones.

However, don't get too excited about all these: Apple is still in the early stages of research and it may take 2 or 3 years before they actually roll it out - and scrapping it altogether is also a possibility. Also, talking about Apple producing a new sort of device is exciting, so any whisper is more likely jumped upon than most other news bits. But, apparently, Apple has taken a cue from there and made a decision to differentiate in the crowded marketplace with new designs and features that may be introduced in the upcoming iPhone.

Anyone can join Apple's Beta Software Program, although we don't recommend installing test software on your main devices.

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