Published: Thu, April 12, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

After airstrike in Syria, an Israeli proxy war with Iran looms

After airstrike in Syria, an Israeli proxy war with Iran looms

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif hit back at US President Donald Trump, who has said Russian Federation and Iran share the blame for an alleged chemical attack in a rebel-held town in Syria.

The foreign minister's special assistant for political affairs, Hossein Jaberi Ansari, said Iran opposes employing chemical weapons by any party which is totally unacceptable.

Following an air strike on the Syrian Tiyas Military Airbase on Monday, subsequently attributed to the Israeli military, Iran's Ali Akbar Velayati issued several threats targeting Israel.

Israel, which has struck Syrian army locations many times in the course of its neighbour's seven-year-old civil war, has not confirmed nor denied mounting the raid.

Israel did not acknowledge carrying out the strike.

In recent months, Israeli officials have been gravely concerned by Iran's efforts to build permanent military bases inside Syria.

Russian Federation and Syria deny that chemical weapons were used.

A 2013 chemical attack in eastern Ghouta that killed hundreds of people was widely blamed on government forces.

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It was not immediately clear what exactly triggered the lawmakers' outrage against the governor, Valiollah Seif.

To agree to Iranian entrenchment in Syria is to agree to the Iranians laying a chokehold on our neck.

The bombardment had kept more than 100,000 people huddled in basements and shelters, said a medical student in Douma who has worked with the opposition and spoke on the condition of anonymity for safety reasons. Iran also could also push back against the United States in places such as Iraq, where USA troops are present.

"This is an excuse for military action against Syrians and will definitely add to the complexity of the situation in this country and region".

It should be noted that Israel is "believed" to have carried out the attack, but has not acknowledged a role in the bombing of air base T4.

"Our military specialists have visited this place ... and they did not find any trace of chlorine or any other chemical substance used against civilians", Mr Lavrov said.

Syria and Russian Federation on Monday accused Israel of bombing a Syrian regime airbase by using its warplanes. The ministry said the attack left a number of Syrian citizens dead or wounded. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world.

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