Published: Thu, April 12, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

Sony Might Roll Out the Next Generation PlayStation 5 This Year

Sony Might Roll Out the Next Generation PlayStation 5 This Year

However, one of these insiders did note that Sony's plans are always subject to change.

There have been rumors swirling online about the potential for Sony to shock the world this year and do a sudden 2018 release of the PlayStation 5, perhaps even at E3 this summer. Just recently a big juicy rumour from Semi-Accurate suggested we could see a new PlayStation this year.

Several rumors have come about the next console as well, one of which said that a backward compatible PlayStation 5 console will be launching in 2019.

Lately, there has been a lot of chatter about the PlayStation 5 release date. Another close source to Sony also noted that if the PS5 was due out this year, it would already be in mass production, which would come as a shock to those now working on the PS4's roster for 2018. At some point, Sony's probably looked at every possible date. While it was previously rumored that dev kits for the PlayStation 5 had been sent out to developers, with this speculation suggesting that the PS5 would be released sooner rather than later, the console is instead more likely to launch in 2020 than it is in the next two years.

According to a recent report published by SemiAccurate, the PlayStation 5 release date may happen this year, due to the amount of development kits for the console that have reportedly been given out by Sony.

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That's because early development kits for any console don't resemble that console's final form at all.

Meanwhile, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter told WCCFTech that there was "very low probability" of the PS5 releasing this year. By comparison, games that play on the PS4 Pro also work on PS4.

To recall, Sony's PlayStation is one of the best gaming consoles in the global market right now and it has fierce competition with Microsoft's Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. As reported by GameSpot, game developers have also not yet received any "devkits" for them to start working on titles for the new gaming console. The Pro launched in November of 2016, making it less than two years old.

Sony may have an announcement of a hardware or at least a teaser of it by the coming June.

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