Published: Fri, April 13, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Pompeo promises tough action on Iran if appointed

Pompeo promises tough action on Iran if appointed

"If I am confirmed as secretary of state I can assure you this administration will continue as it has for the past 15 months to take real actions, to push back, to re-set the deterrence relationship with respect to Russian Federation", he said.

Mr Trump nominated Mike Pompeo, who is director of the Central Intelligence Agency, after sacking his former secretary of state Rex Tillerson, who had failed to develop a good working relationship with the president, state department staff or the press.

Sen. Menendez insisted that President Trump refuses to issue a "robust response" to the Russian threat, stressing the administration has failed to impose congressionally-mandated sanctions on Russia for the Moscow's attack on USA elections.

"It seems like everybody on this committee except Sen".

So far Pompeo has navigated the waters expertly, but it may not matter. After meeting with him last month, Corker promised the committee would move on his nomination as "expeditiously as possible".

After the 2013 Boston marathon bombing, Pompeo - who was a congressman at the time - erroneously accused Muslim-American leaders of being "complicit" in militant attacks.

Pompeo went into Thursday's hearing facing an uphill battle in many respects.

Pompeo said he believes the president has the authority to strike Syria in response to the suspected chemical attack. Cardin simply responded: "No".

A reorganisation and hiring freeze initiated by former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has left the rank and file demoralised, with vacancies in most of the jobs that are filled by political appointees.

Mr Pompeo's commitment to saving the Iran deal contrasts with his previous statements, including one on Twitter after Mr Trump won the 2016 election that said he looked forward to "rolling back this disastrous deal".

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If Pompeo can't recall the nature/contents of that March meeting, how is he somehow able to commit - beyond a shadow of a doubt - that Trump had never asked him to do anything "remotely improper".

"Senator, I continue to hold that view", Pompeo replied.

"In our view, it is essential for the nominee to repudiate his past anti-LGBT and anti-Muslim views and to renounce any associations with anti-Muslim conspiracy-haunted organizations". Trump said on Thursday that he was weighing options and a decision would be "made fairly soon".

Trump nominated Pompeo to become the top US diplomat after firing Rex Tillerson, whose tenure at the State Department was marked by personnel tumult and clashes with the president over foreign-policy priorities.

To the dismay of some Democratic lawmakers, Pompeo equivocated when asked about climate change - acknowledging it is occurring but saying only that it's "likely" that humans are contributing to it. At least one Republican, Sen.

Ellison and Carson are the only two Muslim members of Congress, and Carson served on the House intelligence committee with Pompeo when Pompeo was a member in the House.

Very few nominations have proceeded without approval from committees, but chamber rules make it possible that the full Senate can still vote on Pompeo's confirmation should he receive an unfavorable recommendation or no recommendation at all.

Pompeo says that bolstering the Iran nuclear deal will be a priority if he's confirmed as the nation's top diplomat.

Pompeo added that if the deal can't be fixed and Trump decides to withdraw, he will l continue to advocate for a tougher accord.

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