Published: Sat, April 14, 2018
Science | By Dan Gutierrez

Use Gmail? Google's email service expected to get a new look

Use Gmail? Google's email service expected to get a new look

However, the most exciting feature of all might be a new "Confidential Mode" revealed by reports on Friday. The new feature will allow users to set the expiration date. Gmail's expiring email will essentially become unreadable after some time. New design and features will be added in this update along with the ability to reply fast to emails, to snooze emails until later, and a new sidebar to place calendar appointments side by side with messages.

To activate this feature, it looks like users will simply need to tap the small lock symbol located in the bottom portion of Gmail's "compose email" window.

Google is reportedly working on an overhaul of Gmail for web which will see a new design along with several new features, including a Confidential Mode. While this is a convenient way to secure information, it also benefits Google by allowing the service to associate email addresses with cell phone numbers - adding to their database of customer information that they can use to better suit advertisements to their users. As for recipients, they are expected to receive a link for expiring email which can be viewed by logging into their Gmail account again.

There are many similarities between ProtonMail and the new Gmail design, but one of the main differences between the two services is how they handle the self-destructing emails. The Android and iOS clients both use Material Design, but the web client's interface hasn't been updated for years.

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Further helping to secure email communications, senders have the option to require the recipient to verify their identity with a passcode before opening an email sent in Confidential Mode. However, when it expires the email will disappear from the inbox. The new features aim at improving e-mail privacy by limiting a message's access to the recipient for a specific period of time.

Besides, we now find out a new surprise feature integrated by Google.

It's worth pointing out that Confidential Mode's protections will likely be relatively easy to circumvent. TechCrunch's report notes that a confidential message doesn't have to be encrypted, which means that it's likely that Google can still see the content of the email.

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