Published: Thu, April 19, 2018
Science | By Dan Gutierrez

Google Chrome's latest version blocks autoplaying video with sound

Google Chrome's latest version blocks autoplaying video with sound

Google Chrome 66 will also introduce Site Isolation Trial to help improve Chrome's security and helps mitigate the risks posed by the Spectre flaw. It has some interesting new features like media auto-play changes, the ability to fix several security issues and to export passwords.

This is following the earlier release of the same feature to all the other platforms that Chrome is available on.

Chrome already does a good job of protecting you from malware, but Microsoft says the Windows Defender Chrome extension is better. Also Chrome 66 (66.0.3359.106) for Android will let users find their saved passwords more easily.

Some users might start getting the update in Chrome's built-in updater, but this doesn't seem to be happening for everyone right away. Duplex is a split bar system where the Chrome navigation bar sits up top, but the bottom of the browser features a new bar that can be swiped up to access history and your most-visited sites. Google has to come up with a new way to stop all the auto-playing videos from all the websites.

You'll have to go to Settings for this one, and look for the Passwords menu in the Advanced tab.

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Chrome got another boost in security, but this time from an unlikely place: Microsoft. For the most part, however, users should not encounter unexpected audio. The search giant aims to completely block the third-party code injections starting with Chrome 72, which is expected in January 2019.

Over the past weeks, the company has continuously released updates for several of its products, which are meant to improve the user experience and more.

If you don't see the Chrome 66 update just yet, don't panic.

The bitter browser war between Microsoft and Google is still in full swing.

The obvious solution is a web browser plugin which will intercept your browsing behaviour before it's too late.

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