Published: Sun, April 22, 2018
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NFL Draft: Mike Mayock not wowed by the top quarterbacks

NFL Draft: Mike Mayock not wowed by the top quarterbacks

NFL Network draft expert Mike Mayock answered questions from reporters during an hour-long conference call Friday to preview the 2018 NFL Draft, and made several connections between NFL clubs and draft prospects who could fit them well.

The Browns own five picks in the first two rounds of the National Football League draft, three in the second round and two of the top four picks. If they go to No. 6, he said, and quarterbacks go with the first three picks, they'd still be able to get one of the top three non-quarterbacks: Saquon Barkley, Bradley Chubb or Quenton Nelson. "My two top quarterbacks are Darnold and Allen".

But the reality is this: Maccagnan can't not take a quarterback - even if his choices are Mayfield and Rosen.

Who hits and who busts remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure according to Mayock, at least one team will swing and miss in spectacular fashion on one of these QB's.

As the 2018 NFL Draft nears, however, teams are beginning to accept just how much a star-caliber running back can help a team's chances of winning.

If the Browns are looking to get back into the first round to snag a player they covet, as they did previous year with David Njoku, the Detroit Lions could be a willing dance partner. New England could conceivably package both and trade up to try and get into the quarterback bidding war if it can find a trading partner.

Sully Reflects on Similarities in Southwest Emergency Landing
When it was all over, the pilot came out of the cabin and hugged everyone, telling them, "You all did a great job". Shults was among the first female pilots "to transition to tactical aircraft" such as fighter jets, the Navy says.

"I would tell you from an athletic perspective, if he was clean off the field, he'd be a first-round edge rusher", Mayock said.

He'll become the fourth USC quarterback in the past 15 years to be drafted in the first round, joining Carson Palmer (No. 1 overall to the Bengals in 2003), Leinart (No. 10 to the Cardinals in 2006) and Sanchez (No. 5 to the Jets in 2009). Zero Pro Bowl appearances among them.

Here's the list of quarterbacks (in alphabetical order) likely to go early in this year's draft, all of which have been linked to the Cardinals in some shape or form.

"I would say that was a bad pick, not a bust, " the executive said. Twenty-eight starting quarterbacks since the franchise returned in 1999-and that's guaranteed to be 29 in September, when they begin the 20th season of the return.

Perhaps Allen goes first overall and makes all this moot.

It's also suggested that the Giants don't have any interest in the other top quarterbacks that will be available in this draft. Many of them probably don't know what they're going to do either; it will probably depend on what happens in front of them.

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