Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
Hi-Tech | By Wayne Curry

Google shares closed lower Tuesday ahead of the new Gmail update

Google shares closed lower Tuesday ahead of the new Gmail update

Gmail makes it so.

So what's new? First and foremost, you can now send highly secure, encrypted messages via email.

Gmail also includes new features that can avoid the need to open some emails at all, including one-click unsubscribe for mailing lists whose messages you don't usually read. Google is building AI into all its products, and there are a handful of new smart Gmail features rolling out as part of the update.

Google has added "confidential mode" to the new Gmail which will prevent users from copying, downloading or printing the email. However, design is not the only thing new in the "new" Gmail; a ton of functionality has been added to both the web as as well mobile interface.

It will also now be possible send emails in "confidential mode", which means their contents can not be forwarded, copied, downloaded or printed.

The new Gmail will try to improve user security by flagging potentially risky emails that make it through its spam filter with a big red message. You can opt in to try it out by going to the Settings icon on the top right of your inbox and choosing "Try the new Gmail". Notwithstanding, the choice wasn't accessible for us right now, so the take-off is by all accounts slower than anticipated. An expiry time and date can be set on "confidential" emails, after which point the recipients will no longer be able to access the original message. The AI-infused technology for suggesting responses to emails, which originated in Inbox in 2015, is now available in Gmail's browser-based version as well as its mobile-app variants. Users can now enable a "confidential" option when sending an email and can time-limit its access to recipients.

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Nudging is artificial intelligent-powered feature reminds you to reply to emails that may have missed. You can download the new app for iPhone and iPad from the App Store now. And if you're keen on trying it out, you can do so right now. The new features include snooze buttons, a sidebar with a new task-management system, many new security options and hover actions. However, in the mail came some new features.

Users will also be able to drag-and-drop emails from Gmail straight into Google's new Tasks web app, to automatically create to-dos.

It's all pretty clever then - and while Google admits it still won't make your emails completely bulletproof (there's nothing to stop you literally taking a photo of your screen with your phone), it will reduce opportunities for crimes of convenience. You can even search through up to 90 days of messages, thanks to local caching.

The new Gmail is available today for all personal Gmail users and G Suite early adopter program (EAP) customers, but all are meant to boost team productivity, according to David Thacker, VP Product Management for G Suite.

In the inbox pane, you have the availability to interact with the messages without even opening them.

With phishing attacks, ransomware and impersonation attacks all serious threats organisations face, Google has also taken the opportunity to improve security.

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