Published: Wed, April 25, 2018
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Trump backs VA pick but publicly floats withdrawal

Trump backs VA pick but publicly floats withdrawal

Trump suggested Tuesday that Jackson might want to withdraw.

He said multiple times that he asked Jackson on Tuesday, "What do you need this for?"

"I don't want to put a man through a process like this". "It's too ugly, and it's too disgusting".

The White House feels Jackson is being "railroaded" and will push back forcefully, the official said, adding that President Donald Trump is not wobbling over his selection.

When allegations of professional misconduct by White House physician Ronny L. Jackson started trickling during the past week to the Senate committee considering his nomination to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, its chairman, Sen.

Isakson told fellow GOP senators over the weekend about the allegations prompting those on the panel to give their support for delaying the hearing, one senator said.

Later Tuesday, Tester said in an NPR interview that the committee had heard complaints from more than 20 current and former military members that Jackson had improperly given drugs, had become intoxicated on professional trips and belittled staff members.

"I was looking forward the hearing tomorrow, kind of disappointed that it's been postponed, but I'm looking forward to getting it rescheduled and answering everybody's questions", he said in a video published by NBC News.

Asked whether he "categorically denied" the allegations against him, he said, "I'm looking forward to the hearings, so we can sit down and I can explain everything to everyone and answer all the senators' questions".

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On Tuesday morning, Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee postponed Jackson's Wednesday confirmation hearing because of new information that they received about the nominee.

Allegations began surfacing late last week involving Jackson's workplace practices, including claims of inappropriate behavior and over-prescribing prescription drugs, according to two aides granted anonymity to discuss the situation. "No, there was not", he said before brushing off questions about whether he would withdraw.

In addition to Jackson's lack of management experience at a large organization, the physician had come under fire for his glowing appraisal of Trump's health after the president had his annual physical in January. "He has improved unit morale, received glowing reviews and promotions under Republican and Democrat presidents, and has been given a clean vet from the Federal Bureau of Investigation", an unnamed senior White House official said in a statement. Before serving as a White House physician, Dr. Jackson had deployed as an emergency medicine physician to Taqaddum, Iraq, during the Iraq war.

"Admiral Jackson's record of strong, decisive leadership is exactly what's needed at VA to ensure our veterans receive the benefits they deserve", Gidley said.

Trump, who promised to fill his administration with the "best people", often gravitates toward advisers he has a personal connection with or who look the part, drawing on the approach he took as a business executive. What does he need it for? To be abused by a bunch of politicians that aren't thinking nicely about our country? "I really don't think, personally, he should do it", and if it were him, "I wouldn't do it".

"I am not even sure that I ever saw him in a hotel bar", McKeon wrote in an email Tuesday.

The information void plunged Jackson's nomination into peril faster than any other in a series of controversial Cabinet choices that have marked the Trump presidency. The expectation is Jackson will make a decision "very soon" - in a matter of days, not weeks.

Many questioned Jackson's qualifications after Trump announced the nomination last month. He acknowledged that "there's an experience problem, because of lack of experience", but said the VA was so massive that even the head of the country's largest hospital chain wouldn't have experience on that scale. His family, extraordinary success.

Jackson is also a blank slate on one of the key policy questions facing the VA: what role the private sector should play in providing veterans health care. Shulkin complained that he was sacked, in part, for resisting that push. That's not what's happening - after Trump's first pick to head the agency, David Shulkin, was ousted, Trump tapped his White House physician - who told reporters that with a few diet tweaks Trump could live to be 200 years old - to replace him.

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