Published: Sun, April 29, 2018
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Bill Cosby's sexual assault conviction matters

Bill Cosby's sexual assault conviction matters

His defense attorney plans to appeal the verdict.

Defense allegations of a biased juror and the admission of Cosby's explosive testimony about drugs and sex are among other possible avenues of appeal as he tries to avoid a sentence that could keep him in prison for the rest of his days.

The bail restrictions clarified by O'Neill say Cosby may not leave his home in Cheltenham, Pennsylvania except for the purposes of medical treatment or consultation with his legal counsel and only with prior consent from his probation officer.

A judge says Cosby will be confined to the same suburban Philadelphia mansion where jurors concluded he drugged and molested a Temple University women's basketball administrator, ordering him to be outfitted with a Global Positioning System ankle bracelet to monitor compliance.

Temple University rescinded an honorary doctorate it had awarded to Bill Cosby, a longtime fundraiser and graduate of the Philadelphia school, where years later he met the victim of the sexual assault that resulted in his conviction this week.

Constand is one of about 60 women who have accused Cosby of assaulting them, often using drugs to incapacitate them.

Janice Baker-Kinney, who claimed he had drugged and raped her in 1982, said she was relieved this "toxic chain of silence has been broken".

Constand accused Cosby of giving her pills and sexually assaulting her as she drifted in and out of consciousness. His lawyer, Tom Mesereau, has said "the fight is not over" and said he will appeal.

"The Me Too movement really tipped the needle to the other side, with celebrities coming out there saying the same stories that the Cosby women said", Lotte-Lublin said.

"I've been holding this in since 1982 and it's slowly seeping out of me, the toxicity levels of emotion and catastrophic pain and nightmares for so very many years", she said, revealing her husband, Dr. Robert Gerner, awoke her with the Cosby news.

Trump acknowledges that Cohen represented him in Daniels case
For his part, Cohen has acknowledged paying Daniels , whose given name is Stephanie Clifford. Cohen was in court to hear the decision. But last week, US District Judge S.

"It hurts your case", she said. The jury of five women and seven men are said to have deliberated for over 14 hours.

Black also says this will likely embolden prosecutors to file charges in cases they wouldn't have otherwise.

Five of them testified at his retrial.

The prosecution, meanwhile, said the payment was evidence of Cosby's guilt. "'He deserves every bit of 30 years and more", Dickinson said. "However, we have to look at a merger of those counts to determine what the final maximum will be", Steele said.

Judges can take any number of mitigating factors into consideration when issuing a sentence, she explained.

So far, women who have brought defamation claims against Cosby have had mixed success.

Temple joined several other major USA universities that have taken back honourary degrees since Thursday's verdict, reflecting a broader reappraisal of the 80-year-old comedian's place in American culture.

But ultimately, the length of his sentence would not change his guilty conviction.

"I think in this particular case it would be more likely than not that a judge would admit the evidence, because he did have a peculiar way of going about his sexual assault", Wigdor said. "That's definitely an important moment in history".

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