Published: Fri, May 04, 2018
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Pak-origin MP Sajid Javid appointed new United Kingdom home secretary

Pak-origin MP Sajid Javid appointed new United Kingdom home secretary

Amber Rudd resigned from her post as Britain's Home Secretary following accusations that she lied to Parliament last week about deportation targets for illegal immigrants.

Prime Minister Theresa May today announced an internal UK Home Office review of its handling of the so-called Windrush immigration scandal, even as the opposition warned that Indian-origin Britons are likely to be among the immigrants affected by the issue.

The son of Pakistani parents who emigrated to Britain in the 1960s, new interior minister Sajid Javid took charge Monday of a ministry in crisis over its treatment of immigrants.

Secondly, Rudd told the Home Affairs Select Committee of Parliament last week that her office did not have targets to remove illegal immigrants from the United Kingdom, while leaks in the media revealed such targets existed.

Ms Rudd was replaced by former Communities Secretary Sajid Javid yesterday (Tuesday).

"Making sure that we have an immigration policy that is fair, treats people with respect and with decency - that will be one of my most urgent tasks", he told reporters.

"The government was warned that the negative outcomes for Commonwealth citizens would be a effect of the hostile environment policy", concluded Abbott.

The group referred to as the "Windrush generation" relates to a ship named Windrush, which brought hundreds of Jamaican workers to United Kingdom shores in 1948.

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They and many subsequent Commonwealth immigrants had an automatic right to settle in the U.K. But some have now been denied housing, jobs or medical treatment because of requirements that employers and doctors check people's immigration status.

Mr Javid said the phrase "hostile" was "unhelpful and does not represent our values as a country", preferring "a compliant environment".

He added: 'Like her, I am also a second generation migrant and I know that she shares that anger, and she should respect that other people do - she doesn't have a monopoly on that'.

Rudd said she took "full responsibility" for the fact that she was not aware of "information provided to (her) office which makes mention of targets".

Gove and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who were at the forefront of the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, praised Rudd following her resignation. The first was the prime minister's own exposure to the fallout.

For, as is so often the case, Ministers are, yet again, following public opinion and a desire in the country at large to stand by those Caribbean immigrants who made
their home here after the war and who contributed
so much to the diversity
and prosperity of today's Britain before being treated so appallingly.

The issue centres around thousands of UK-based Jamaicans facing forced deportations due to lack of documentary evidence that they had the right to live and work in Britain because they arrived pre-1973, when stricter new visa norms came into force for all Commonwealth nationals migrating to the UK.

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