Published: Fri, May 04, 2018
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Twitter advises changing passwords

Twitter advises changing passwords

"We recently found a bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log", stated a tweet from the official Twitter Support account at 4:04 pm EDT Thursday. Through the hashing technique, Twitter converts passwords into random assortments of numbers so that when users log in, Twitter can validate passwords without actually having to read them. "This is an industry standard", Twitter said in a blog post. But the bug caused passwords to be written to an internal log before that masking occurred.

Twitter is telling people to consider changing their passwords after the company noticed it was accidentally storing them in clear text.

"We are very sorry this happened", he said. I've believed we have to.

The glitch was in an internal system that was supposed to replace passwords with a randomised string of text for use in internal logs, but spat them out in plain text instead. The company patched the issue and investigated potential breaches but concluded that there was "no indication of breach or misuse by anyone". (But really, change your password.) Agrawal neglects to mention that we Twitter users didn't choose to have our passwords potentially compromised. "We did not need to, however, believe it is the suitable point to do", he said.

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But when he received criticism for saying the company didn't have to tell users about the bug, he followed up with another apology. However, he then backtracked on his statement and said that he "felt strongly that we should". So instead of 64eyb95exmp, people looking at one specific database at Twitter would see my password as Password123 (again, do not make this your new password).

For more protection on your account, you can also activate two-factor authentication.

That means if you use the same password for Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat or any other services consider changing it across the board.

When you sign in to Twitter after setting up login verification, you start the process as usual but are asked to enter the code sent to your mobile phone in a second login verification step.

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