Published: Mon, May 07, 2018
World News | By Laverne Osborne

Stormy Daniels to Baldwin's Trump: 'Storm's a coming, baby'

Stormy Daniels to Baldwin's Trump: 'Storm's a coming, baby'

But it's proving to be a bewildering display.

The comment from Giuliani, the former NY mayor who recently joined Trump's legal team, comes amid an ongoing furor over a string of assertions he has made regarding the 2016 payment to Stormy Daniels, why it was made and how much the president knew about it. Mr Giuliani said, referring to the lifestyle TV star convicted in 2004 of lying to investigators and obstruction in an insider trading case. "We can assert the same privileges as other presidents have".

"How could I ever be confident of that?" he asked. Baldwin's Trump asked Daniels. "The mob takes the Fifth Amendment".

Rep. Adam Schiff, a former USA attorney and the ranking Democrat on the House panel that investigated the 2016 campaign, immediately slapped down Giuliani's claim that Trump could skirt skirt a subpoena.

A subpoena fight would likely find its way to the Supreme Court, which has never firmly decided whether presidents can be compelled to speak under oath.

"I'm going to relay to you what the president has told me, which is the best I can do", Conway said on CNN's "State of the Union".

The FBI raided Cohen's home, office and hotel room last month in part to seek information that included payments made to women who alleged affairs with Trump more than a decade ago.

Giuliani said he first made Trump aware of the payment shortly after joining the case but now says he doesn't know when Trump knew about it. Trump said Saturday that Giuliani needed to "get his facts straight" but insisted they weren't changing their story. Giuliani also didn't rule out Cohen making similar payments to other women on the president's behalf. Ben Stiller returned as the latter-unfortunately without Robert De Niro's Robert Mueller-by-way-of-Jack Byrnes-but he was just one cameo of many: there were familiar faces aplenty as Cohen and the rest of the Trump team made the phone call rounds to discuss the latest news.

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Speaking to ABC News' George Stephanopoulos on Sunday's episode of "This Week", Giuliani said that his client, Donald Trump, doesn't have to comply with a subpoena from special counsel Robert Mueller, in addition to saying he could not be confident that the president would not take the Fifth Amendment if he has to testify in the Russian Federation investigation. "I hope we get a chance to tell him the risk he's taking". He has called Daniels' allegations of an affair "false and extortionist". "He didn't know it at the time that the payment occurred".

"I can't prove that. They don't know what to say because they've lost track of the truth".

The payment has raised questions about whether it violated any campaign finance laws. Either could be legally problematic.

He reiterated that the payment to Daniels was not a campaign contribution and that it was reimbursed out of personal funds.

Giuliani said the financial arrangement with Cohen wasn't revealed on Trump's 2017 personal financial disclosure because "it isn't a liability, it's an expense".

"This was for another goal, to protect him, to protect his family", he said. "It may have involved the campaign, doesn't matter, and it would've been done under any other circumstances, if there was no campaign".

Giuliani stated he couldn't verify that Cohen instructed Trump days earlier than the election in regards to the objective of the cost to Daniels.

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