Published: Tue, May 08, 2018
Science | By Dan Gutierrez

Fitbit Adds Female Health Tracking And Quick Replies

Fitbit Adds Female Health Tracking And Quick Replies

Fitbit is currently rolling out its quick replies feature for Versa and Ionic users.Android users now have the ability to respond back to text messages via Fitbit's quick replies feature - Apple's ecosystem doesn't currently allow for similar replies.

In a blog post over on Fitbit's official website, the company explains that users who have identified themselves as women will soon be able to log their menstrual cycles along with any symptoms that come along with them. According to Fitbit, this means women will be able to see how their menstrual cycle affects other health indicators like sleep, weight and food intake.

The wearables company will be one of the first to support female health tracking natively when it lands first on iOS and Windows this week, and on Android later this month.

Quick replies let Android users choose from five pre-populated responses.

You can use these for text messages and messenger apps, with notifications from your phone displayed on your wrist, and no need to hold said phone anymore to get (a few) things done on the fly.

Fitbit gets quick replies and menstrual cycle tracking
Hands-on: You can finally reply to messages from the Fitbit Versa and Ionic

And it gets smarter as you log. Fitbit says it takes about two cycles for the app to really get to know your cycle to make more accurate predictions.

On the watch, you'll find this information in the Fitbit Today dashboard by swiping up from the home screen. The on-device experience can be used to track where users are in their cycle and see when their period is expected.

Using the Fitbit app dashboard, users can also create custom replies. In addition to logging your cycle in the app, the Versa and Ionic will also display cycle information and alerts on the watch interface.

It'll also offer an insight into the fertile window for couples hoping to get pregnant, or avoid doing so.

Finally, Fitbit has also announced a slew of new apps and clock faces, with many of them centered around managing conditions like diabetes and some forms of cancer. Add that together with the fact that Fitbit already has 25.4 million active users, and there's great potential for this to have a huge impact on feminine medical research. The list of partners includes excom, Diplomat Pharmacy Inc., Fitabase, Go365, Limeade, One Drop, Sickweather and Walgreens.

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