Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
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Ramadan 2018: The Official UAE Start Date Has Been Announced

Ramadan 2018: The Official UAE Start Date Has Been Announced

Saudi Arabia and other Muslim-majority nations, like Egypt and Indonesia, declared Ramadan would begin Thursday based on a moon-sighting methodology. Going without food, drink, snacks and other habitual amenities from before Sunrise to after Sunset, observed on daily basis for full month, is a unique practice in Ramadan.

Last minute preparations are underway as Muslims around the world stocked up on groceries and dates Wednesday for evening meals to break dawn-to-dusk fasting during the month of Ramadan.

According to him, Ramadan is a period when Muslims come together to give charitably to the less fortunate.

For the majority of Islam the month of fasting, spiritual renewal, and self-reflection is a reminder of the plight of the poor.

While Ramadan fasts would begin from tomorrow in the Middle East and the West, the moon sighting process is underway in the eastern part of the world, including South Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

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All adult Muslims are obliged to fast, with the exception of the mentally disabled and ill ones who could worsen their health condition. Stay connected with us to get the confirmed date for Ramadan 2018 after moon sighting.

Some people are exempt from fasting: children until the age of puberty, pregnant women, travellers, the elderly and people that are chronically ill.

Many people assume that Ramadan is about deprivation, but in Islam it's often a time to spend with family, breaking fast at sunset over iftar.

"As the holy month begins, I wish all those celebrating a very happy and prosperous Ramadhan Kareem". The pillars are the framework by which Muslims everywhere live, and Ramadan is considered the holiest time in the Islamic calendar. According to the holy book of Quran, during the month of Ramzan, Muslims are supposed to feed the hungry and donate to charities. Thus, the people practise fasting in this month to purify their souls and seek forgiveness from the Almighty Allah.

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